1 oz DFWB-K10-27 Water Based UV Dye.

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  • Ounce of liquid UV red water tracing ultra violet dye.
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Liquid dye, brilliant magenta for inks, coatings, paper, and antifreeze. Cationic.

Risk Reactor Inc's DFWB-K10-27 Red has the highest degree of light stability and is recommended for yellow and/or green backgrounds, such as algae rich waters. Sandy soil will not absorb our Red or yellow green. Color is visible in clear water at one part per million.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc's DFWB-K10-27 Red Water Based Tracer:

  • Perfect for bodies of water where there is a high concentration of green algae!
  • Highly concentrated saving you money!
  • It is clear when diluted preventing stains and other unwanted marks!
  • Because of the fluorescent nature, IFWB-C7 offers greater contrast than non-fluorescent tracers!
  • Fluoresces under long wave black light!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • High strength formulations for medium to large scale visual and fluorometric studies!
  • Most appropriate fluorescent products for quantitative analysis!
  • Can be used with our 6" Hand Held Black Light for mobility!
  • BioDegradable!
  • Can be detected using one of our (portable battery operated ones available) black lights at significantly lower levels such as in the range of 10 ppb in ideal conditions!
  • Can be used with UV sensors for automation!

Used In:

- Plumbing Tracing.
- Retention Time Studies.
- Decorative water dying such as water fountains.
- Special effects where a visible water based color is needed.
- Flow mapping and rate of flow studies.
- Condenser coil and tube studies.
- Power plant piping tracing.
- Septic system analysis.
- Pollution Studies.
- Leak Detection in many fluid carrying systems.
- Lake river and pond analysis.
- Check for illegal connections.
- Storm and sewer drain analysis.
- Airport Authorties.
- Consumer conservation programs.
- Forestry management agencies.
- Geological surveys.
- Health departments.
- Water consultants and management firms.
- Plumbers and contractors.
- Well drilling and service providers.
- Universities and colleges.
- Zoos, and other governmental agencies.

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