1 oz SS-09 Invisible Violet Screen Glow Inks.

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  • 1 oz SS-09 Invisible Violet Screen Glow Inks.
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SS-09 Invisible Violet Glow in the Dark Screen Fabric Plastisol Inks.

Glow in the Dark Screen Inks, are specifically meant, for Screen Printing Glow in the Dark Silk Screen Printing Ink is produced by using the best Glow Powder with our special plastisol based Screen Inks.

Here the glow in the dark screen ink SS-09 Invisible Violet. This Invisible violet will appear white to off white and then glow purplish under darkened conditions. The plastic and base ink distort color and longevity use open mesh 60 or better for best results.

Glow in the Dark Screen Printing Ink Instructions:

1.In order to get a better luminosity (glowing) effect of the printed patterns; use silk screen of below 200 meshes for screenprinting. Layering of the printing ink will be thicker and will obtain a better luminous effect. Using a silk screen of a lower mesh number is even better, the ideal screen is between 80~120 meshes.

2. To maximize the glowing period of the printed pattern, place a layer of white color under the layer of glow screen printing ink. It is easier if you print directly onto the white color material such as white t-shirts. Also, the thickness ranges between 130 to 150 µm will give you great results and should not be less than 100 µm. For example print the ink twice on 80-mesh silk screen. 

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