8 ounces of Invisible Blue White PXT-07

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Invisible Blue White Contamination Simulation Powder is used to simulate a contaminate that can be easily transferred from one contaminated item to another. This product is very bright under long wave UV activation.

Non toxic!
Safe for human contact. Used by the FBI in training for airplane contaminate simulations.

Cleans up with soap and water!

Used to simulate Anthrax, bio-agents, mold, spores, air-borne contaminates, etc.
Use this product in conjunction with our 6" hand held black light for portability. This advantage with this and the PDT-06 and PSW-06 are all of these can be seen with a wide range of UV lights from 300 nm to 395 nm all will work but 365 nm being the best for inspection.

Risk Reactor will also create new simulation products just for your particular need.
This product is used primarily when an easily transferable simulate is needed. This can also be mixed with water and non-aqeous mediums such as hand lotion, soap etc.

To clean wash with soap and water along with vacuuming if needed. It is basically chopped pieces of dyed plastic 5-15 um in size. The PDT-06 and PSW-06 are like sand, heavier than water while the PXT-07 is lighter than water.

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