1 ounce of CF2-BK1OZ Clear Black Oil Based Black Light Paint.

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Product Description:
Our Clear Black Black Light Water Based Paint is a durable paint that goes on clear. When under Risk Reactor Black Light activation the film produced by the paint is black but remains clear in regular light. CF2-BK is a special paint used not only for invisible art but also to tone down other black light paint shades. Use with CF2-C0, CF2-C7, CF2-C6, and CF2-C2 to create hidden art or secret messages. What better way to decorate a room than with invisible paint that will show its color under Risk Reactor Black Light.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's Product:

  1. Very strong fluorescent green!
  2. Can not be found in stores!
  3. Mix with other colors to make shades!
  4. Strong durable acrylic coating!
  5. Goes on clear!
  6. Fluoresces a bright green under long wave black light!
  7. Cleans up with MEK or acetone!
  8. Can be used on just about any surface!
  9. Cleans up with xylene, paint thinner, and other solvents.
  10. Can be used on just about any surface!
  11. Meets ASTM C1315!
  12. Non Yellowing!

Used In: Theatrical, dorm rooms, arts and crafts, exhibits, displays, hidden image art, youth rooms, bars, night clubs, restaurants, theme parks, and of course fun.

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