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Carpet UV Inspection.

Urine can cause color loss in carpet. You would want to correct minor pet problems & remove urine from many carpet fiber as quickly as you can. Our black lights have been used extensively to expose contamination by rats, mice, skunks, rabbits, cats & dogs. Before doing anything, use our certified carpet black lights to first examine your carpet and furniture with the ultraviolet light. Doing so you can accurately determine the extent and location of any pet related concerns along with stains you might not be aware of.

Rodents have oily hair that is UV reactive, leaving smudge marks where they travel. Their droppings and urine trails along with gnawing marks are all signs of rodent and other mammal activity.

Review entry points which are important when considering where to inspect for rodent or animal urine. Areas such as windows, pipe entry points, flanges, door thresholds, utility lines, rooftops and downspouts. Many pets have a favorite spot or spots they like to frequent. Like beside master's bed where their body oils collect and can be seen easily with our black lights.