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Hotel UV Inspection

We have the best UV LED black lights made for hotel rooms, cabins, any multi-person living quarters. These lights can check for seman, urine, pet urine, and overall cleanliness of the living area or bathroom. Hotel Room UV Safety Inspection:

Check your toilet area for good clean wipe down. Urine and other bodily fluids will fluoresce. If using the multi wavelength models use the various LED configurations to not only illuminate bodily fluids but also expose other stains through absorption.

Check your bed, couch, other textiles for stains and bodily fluids. White textiles, threads, etc. will fluoresce blue to blue white but should be noticeable against the back ground of a stain or blemish. UV Black lights are used in factories to check for blemishes and mark lengths for cutting.

Many pets have a favorite spot or spots they like to frequent. Like beside master's bed where their body oils collect and can be seen easily with our black lights. In this case even one night can stain and smell up the room if not discovered and cleaned.