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Fluorescent Colors

We offer a wide range of Fluorescent Pigments. They extend from Invisible & Daylight Fluorescent Pigments, which are very bright colors in regular light, to highly specialized Security & Anti‑counterfeiting pigments. Our full line of Fluorescent and Specialty Pigments are unique colorants that are used in security labels, paints, plastics, inks, special effects and tracers. Risk Reactor has the right quality of pigment for you.

  1. Invisible Security & Anti-Counterfeiting Pigments – Used to add security to your documents, packaging, receipts, just about anything with an invisible UV color PFLO, PFLI, DFPD, PFSO, and PF Invisible Series.
  2. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments – Our super bright Daylight Fluorescent Pigments are strong fluorescent colorants to give your idea bright color in regular light and super bright under Risk Reactor’s Black Light. These are the PF Visible such as PF-14 Blue Tang.

Fluorescent Pigments are the building blocks to fluorescent products. You can use these to create your own paints, plastics and coatings. The Invisible Pigments are used extensively in security inks, anti-counterfeiting inks, product identification, authentication, dual images, art, crafts and novelty applications.