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Acid Alkaline Stable Dyes.

Risk Reactor offers TACID-Series acid and TALK-Series alkaline stable tracer dyes. These are specially created to be stable in harsh environments and formulations such as fragrances and corrosion inhibitors. We have a wide range of colors available. When formulating for high or low pH solutions, the dye can be stressed until it breaks. Even when using dyes with great stability profiles always do your own testing for longevity within your unique system.

Risk Reactor knows that there are just some chemical environments that are so extreme that trying to introduce a dye becomes very difficult. That is why we carry our TACID-Series acid and TALK-Series alkaline dyes. These dyes work in places where other less stable dyes fall short because they are steady at certain PH levels. When the PH of an environment is too severe, other dyes molecules can sever, making the dye unusable or ineffective. There are certain chemicals that are themselves too reactive that will also breakdown other dyes. Fragrances and chemicals that slow down corrosion are good examples of chemical settings that can break down normal dyes. The TACID-Series acid and TALK-Series alkaline dyes are created to withstand the more extreme PH levels, but always test for the reaction that you are desiring and for the longevity of the dye in your unique system. Risk Reactor carries a variety of colors in PH stable dyes.