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DFTB UV Dye Tabs

Risk Reactor Inc.'s DFTB-Series Fluorescent water tracer is a specially formulated version of UV dyes for convenient use in water tracing and leak detection studies. This bright, fluorescent red dye is certified by International to ANSI/Standard 60 for use in drinking water. It may be detected visually, by ultraviolet light and by appropriate fluoro metric equipment. The IFWB-C7 is most often used visually. Visually the dye appears bright pink to red, depending on its concentration and under ultraviolet light as bright orange. The dye is resistant to absorption on most suspended mater in fresh and salt water. Compared to Risk Reactor Inc.'s DFTB-C8 Yellow/Green products it is significantly more resistant to degradation by sunlight and when used in fluorometry, stands out much more clearly against background fluorescence.

How to Use:
Just drop the tablet in the water. How Fluorescent Dye Tracing Products Work: The "visual" aspect of our dye products refers to normal reflection of light as color. The "fluorescent" aspect refers to special properties of some chemicals to absorb certain wavelengths and then emit, rather than reflect, light in response. The emission can be seen by using a "black" ultraviolet light or precisely measured with a fluorometer. The reflected and emitted light have different wavelengths and are, therefore, not the same color.

Used In:

  • - Plumbing Tracing.
  • - Retention Time Studies.
  • - Flow mapping and rate of flow studies.
  • - Condenser coil and tube studies.
  • - Power plant piping tracing.
  • - Septic system analysis.
  • - Pollution Studies.
  • - Leak Detection in many fluid carrying systems.
  • - Lake river and pond analysis.
  • - Check for illegal connections.
  • - Storm and sewer drain analysis.