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CF1 Water UV Clears.

Risk Reactor Inc.'s water based clears can not be easily removed once dry. These are real paints and are meant to last. The clear blues can be used with any of our black lights but the Clear Red, Clear Yellow and Clear Green require true 365 nm black light, anything higher will either hinder the UV response or quench it all together. Using true 365 nm also gives you the best fluorescent lighting effect.

Clear black light neon paint that can be thinned water.

Once this paint sets by air drying it will not be removed easily. Our water based paints will create a strong flexible film that can be used on just about any surface including fabrics. Many client have used our CF1 and CP1 paints for fabrics. Once our water based paints dry they can not be removed. So when doing black light paint on fabric make a thin coating since thin films will flex and not crack. Thick layers of paint on fabric will crack but still not come out, thin allows multiple washes.