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DFPD UV Organic.

The DFPD-C2 and DFPD-C6 are used in security inks and other applications where an invisible yellow or green fluorescent hue is needed. This compound is highly fluorescent for its small size and can be milled. Risk Reactor's invisible fluorescent yellow pigment is stable, light fast, and can be used with a variety of solvents. Due to the nature of this dye it is used extensively in high end security inks and theatrical materials. This is one of the most unique fluorescent yellow compounds available on the market today.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's DFPD-C2 Invisible Fluorescent Yellow and DFPD-C6 Inv. Green Pigments:

  • Fluoresces a bright Yellow under long wave black light.
  • Easy to work with!
  • High quality with good light fastness!
  • Perfect for security inks!
  • One of the most unique and used fluorescent compounds!

UV Pigments are Used In:
Paints, inks, anti-counterfeiting inks, anti-fraud, document security, and any application where an invisible fluorescent Yellow is needed. Due to the cost and availability of this dye it is really hard for people to duplicate, adding an extra level of security.