Five grams of DFSB-K82 Black Light Fluorescent Dye.

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Textile grade of the above disperse dye. Very concentrated clean greenish-yellow shade for plastics surface coatings and resin pigment manufacture. With high solubility, this product series has good compatibility with various resins. The concentration of liquid dye of this product series is 30-35% This product series can be stored stably, and no dye separates out under normal conditions. This product series is of environment-friendly type, which does not contain the 20 aromatic amines banned by Germany. This solvent of this product series has low toxicity and high boiling point.

The pH values of this product series vary slightly with respect to product color, which are within the range of 5-8. Generally, this product series of different color can be mixed; However, a test shall be made prior to mixing.
The light stability of this product series is generally within the range of level 6-8; However, the light stability of blue and green products is slightly lower.

Applications for Black Light Fluorescent Dyes.
1. Woodware coloration: With excellent solubility, it can be used with most solvents and resins, especially acid cured resin, polyurethane resin, nitro resin and acrylic resin. It can provide best color development for the coloration of various wood ware.

2. Leather finishing and coloration: Applicable to pre-dyeing coating and finish coating for various natural leather products, it can provide better luster and weather ability.

3. Coloration for aluminum foils, evaporated membranes and thermal transfer paper: With remarkable brightness and vivid color, it is most applicable to aluminum foils, vacuum plated PET, PVC, OPP and other transparent films as well as gold stamping treatment and transfer coloration. It does not require using with other special binders and can be fully applied to various coatings.

4. Package prinking ink: Applicable to intaglio printing ink and offset printing ink, it can be mixed with pigment pastes, so as to provide better color.

5. Stationery ink: Excellent solubility of this product series makes it applicable to various stationery inks.

6. Other applications: Shoe polishes coloration, lubricant and grease coloration, foamed macromolecular material coloration.

UV Dye Use Instructions:

1 The liquid dyes contain 30% solid content. MEK or MIBK non-polar solvents shall be used, and the thinner shall be MEK or any other solvent with high solubility. The liquid dyes can not be diluted with alcoholic solvents. The powder dyes shall be fully dissolved with MEK and corresponding strong solvents prior to use.

2 in the UV system, where attention to testing the resin compatibility, storage stability.

3 in the acrylic resin system should pay attention to testing the resin compatibility, storage stability, different types of acrylic resin in a different solvent system by adding different colors of liquid dye, its compatibility is not the same.

4 See the solubility parameters of solvent selection table, try to choose a good point solvent solubility, so that the stability and stain ability of the liquid dye become good.

5 If we produce plastic paint, metallic paint should pay attention to the adhesion problems between layers, if the layer attached to an impact, it is recommended to use powder solvent to dissolve itself.

6 in the NC coating, the DMF can add more, but in the PU coating you should add little. Because it will affect the useful time of the PU, especially with trimer curing agent system

Flash Point: Not applicable
pH:6.0 - 9.0 @ 20 g/l H20 (20 ºC)
% Total VOC: 00
% Total Solids / Non-Volatiles: 100
Appearance: Yellow powder
Density: ~ 290 kg/m3
Odor: None
Freezing/Melting Point: Not established
Specific Gravity: Not established
Solubility: Dispersible in water. Test in particular applications and systems.
Decomposition Temperature: Decomp. Temp. > 100 º C

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