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Glow by Ounce.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc. Water Based Glow in the Dark Phosphorescent Paint:

  • Waterborne!
  • Can be used inside or outside, this paint will not discolor!
  • Glow capacity lasts years unlike conventional glow paint!
  • Environmentally Safe!
  • Can glow up to forty six hours!
  • Coating is flexible!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Cleans up with plain water!
  • Perfect for safety applications!
  • Used in star murals!
  • Non-flammable!
  • Interior use or Exterior!

Used In: Safety applications, egress markings, directional markings, warehouses, star murals, staircases, theaters, stadiums, arenas, buildings, tunnels, dark areas, transportation systems, museums, home safety markings, walls, and walkways.