IF2-C0 Clear UV Blue Invisible Fluorescent Ink by the gallon

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  • Black light blue coatings for cosmic bowling alleys and tool identification UV marking
  • IF2-C0 Clear UV is in regular light and then put under our 365 nm black lights
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Our Clear Blue Fluorescent all purpose marking ink is a durable ink that goes on water clear. When under long wave black light activation, the film produced by the ink fluoresces a strong, bright, blue. This is used in marking items such as tools, machines, retail goods, and anything non-porous. You can also thin the product even more, but is not recommended unless you test the application first. Once applied the ink is very hard and usually impossible to get off without damaging the part. This allows the user to easily identify manipulated items. Use with our battery operated black lights for use everywhere on the planet.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's IF2-C0 Clear Blue Marking Ink:

Strong durable ultra-thin coating!

  • Goes on clear!
  • Portable security solution when used with our battery operated blacklights!
  • Fluoresces a bright blue under our long wave black light!
  • Easy to apply!
  • Wear resistant!
  • Cleans up with M.E.K., acetone, xylene, paint thinner, and other solvents!
  • Meets ASTM C1315!
  • Can be used on just about any surface!

Used In:
Mark tools, wood, metal, parts, machines, plastics, anything that you need a permanent invisible fluorescent mark. Identify your items using our IF2-C0 Clear Blue durable and invisible UV ink. Prevent theft, or catch a thief, by marking your property. Used in home and industries alike. Use a Risk Reactor Black Light to see the invisible marks to prove ownership on the spot.

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Warranty 2 Years!
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