MAX-C0 Thicker Invisible Blue UV Pen Marker.

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  • Ultra violet ink inside the MAX-C0 makes it invisible to the human eye can only be seen under black light.
  • Here money is marked with the UV MAX-C0 so that coin vending machines can prove honesty with employees.
  • Invisibly mark school supplies and work tools with secret UV marker pens.
  • Mark you personal and business property to prove ownership with black light UV marker pen MAX-C0.
  • MAX-C0 and the MAR-C0 pen with super TAC-395 UV light and ink.
  • This is the six pack of the markers to ID your stolen property.
  • MAX-C0 larger format invisible black light pen marker.
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Large Invisible Blue UV Marking Marker Pen. Works on almost any surface. Great for manufacturing, retail stores, and the home. Anywhere you need an invisible fluorescent mark. We also carry other inks as well as custom ink formulation just for you. Use with our B14LED Hand held for a perfect portable security solution. Non-refillable.

Invisbile UV Ink Marker Product Code and Name: MAX-C0 Invisible Blue Ultra Violet Marking Pens for use with our black lights. MAX-C0 Invisible Blue all-purpose UV marker can be used for marking almost any type of substrate with an invisible, permanent, highly fluorescent tag for identification and tracing. The pen can be used in conjunction with our BNB001 6" Hand Held or B14LED battery operated black lights to have a portable security system.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's MAX-C0 Invisible Blue UV Markers:

  • Larger than the MAR-C0 with a wider nib.
  • Great for industrial and retail security measures!
  • Adheres to just about any material!
  • Goes on clear on almost all substrates!
  • For home and office use!
  • Won't damage or deface property!
  • 5000 marks!
  • Invisible ink can be viewed by Police, Detectives, and Pawn Shops to you get your property back!
  • Fluoresces a bright blue or yellow under long wave black light!
  • Easy to use, just use like a regular pen!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Use with our battery operated black lights to check the ID out in the field!
  • Can make a thousand marks!

Used In:
Security markings, proof of owner ship, quality control, industrial processes, document protection, retail proof of purchase, anti-counterfeiting and any situation where you need to mark an item invisibly for future identification. Our Invisible Fluorescent Markers and UV Pens are fast, easy, and a convenient way to invisibly mark items. Perfect for retail stores, manufacturing processes, quality control, retail, ownership, and anywhere you may need to mark an item quickly and invisibly. Risk Reactor's ultra violet marking pen is used extensively in numerous industries and to protect personal property.

Usage Invisible Ink Marking Pen.
Use MAX-C0 as a theft deterrent program that allows police to detect, identify, and return stolen property fast in the event of a burglary. Each MAX-C0 Clear Blue marker contains invisible permanent ink. It's safe and reliable and easy to use. Use MAX-C0 Clear Blue marker to mark all valuables in your home and office. MAX-C0 Clear Blue marker will mark all surfaces including glass, paper, wood, plastic and cloth. It will not damage or deface property. Once pen will mark over 1,200 items. The marks are visible only under black light for easy identification by the police, detectives, and pawn shops. Marked items are hard to fence and evidence of guilt is apparent when thieves are caught.

DIRECTIONS MAX-C0 Invisible Ink Marking Pen.
Mark all valuables with MAX-C0 Clear Blue marking pen. Use driver's license number (with state abbreviation) This provides an instantly recognizable number to law enforcement agencies (e.g. for State of California: CA:B1234567) and is the most consistent mark of identification for personal property. Record your property. Marking your property takes just a few minutes. Complete the process by making a record of your efforts. Enter a complete description of the marked property on an inventory form.

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