PF-00 Invisible UV Blue Fluorescent Black Light Pigment by the pound.

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PF-00 Invisible Blue Fluorescent Pigment Activated by Long Wave Black Light.

Available In:
Ounces, Pounds, and Kilogram containers. Larger units are available upon request.

Risk Reactor's PF-00 Invisible Blue Fluorescent Pigment is an off white in regular light and fluoresces a bright blue under long wave black light. Used to make paints, inks, NDT, tracers, and security inks. Can mixed with most mediums allowing you versatility.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's PF-00 Invisible Blue Pigment:

  • Excitation can be repeated indefinitely!
  • Emits characteristic colored light only during excitation!
  • Use to make invisible coatings!
  • Perfect for security inks!
  • Easy to work with!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Can be used on just about any clear medium!


Used In:
Paints, security inks, security marks, anti-counterfeiting indicators, special effects, dual images, fine art, sculptures, clays, just about anywhere you need an invisible fluorescent color.

  •  Used for product indentification, authenticity, anti-theft, anti-counterfeit, security, high speed sorting and artistic applications!
  • Invisible until excited by UV light!
  • Used in coated papers, ink and paint applications!
  • Can be used in aqueous or non-aqueous systems!
  • Use in rotogravure, flexographic, silk-screening and off-set systems!
  • Used in clear plastic resins as high load dispersion or added directly!
  • Used in acrylics, nylons, low and high density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and vinyl!
  • Used in injection molding, roatational molding, and extrusion systems!

How to Use:
You can use the pigment by itself or incorporate it into another medium. Many of the common uses are for theatrical and security purposes. You can create multiple use paints and materials by adding this pigment to an existing clear coating. The resulting coating will be an off white in regular light and fluoresce under long wave black light activation. You might notice a brief glow after the black light has been removed. This is caused by the structure of the pigment which has some phosphorescent properties but it is mainly a fluorescent pigment.

Technical Information:
Emission Color: Blue
Body Color: White
Excitation: 365 nm
Emission Wavelength: 450 nm
Specific Gravity: 4.1 g/cc
Particle Size: 5.8 u
Melting Point: 1830 C

Stable in aqueous solutions and has high heat stability. Subject to darkening in the presence of moisture and shortwave UV (254-290 nm sunlight). Reactive in the presence of acids. Avoid high shear mixing and vehicles with metals contamination.

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Warranty Information

We guarantee all of our pigments to work as described. It is best to get small test size first to make sure you are getting the right colorant for the job. We do carry a wide range of products and fluorescent gets confused with phosphorescent often.
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