PF-99 Sea Anemone Violet Black Light Pigment test size.

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  • Violet black light pigment powder to create our own ultra violet responsive products.


Risk Reactor's fluorescent daylight colors such as our PF-79 Sea Anemone Violet is used throughout the world in a myriad applications. Our PF series of visible pigments offers improved color strength and a high level of brightness. You can incorporate these into your medium of choice creating special effects only limited by your imagination.

Having the pigment at your ready, you have the power and control to make whatever you want fluoresce. Mixing colors and fluorescent pigments will change the way you look at the world. Things come to life with and without a black light. You might want also want to get IFWB-C0 Clear Blue to mix with your water based mediums to shift the violet to beautiful hues. For non-water based mediums use the DFSB-C0 Clear Blue additive.

Note on fluorescent technology. The term color is used to describe any segment of the white light spectrum, which comprises the range visible to the un-aided eye. Regular pigments reflect some portion of the visible light and absorbs the rest of the spectrum, releasing it as heat. Our daylight fluorescent pigments take that extra energy and convert to light instead of heat. This creates amazing effects whereby our pigments seem to glow in regular lighting conditions.  

Benefits of Risk Reactor's PF-99 Violet  UV Pigment:

  • Strong, bright fluorescent color!
  • Use in paints and inks!
  • Fluoresces a bright Violet under long wave black light!
  • Perfect for creating your own fluorescent material!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Can be used on just about any non-solvent medium!

Used In:
Paper coatings, inks, gravure inks, textile inks, printing inks, screen inks, plastisols, extruded plastics, theatrical, dorm rooms, arts and crafts, exhibits, displays, hidden image art, youth rooms, bars, night clubs, restaurants, theme parks, and of course fun.

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Warranty Information

We guarantee all of our pigments to work as described. It is best to get small test size first to make sure you are getting the right colorant for the job. We do carry a wide range of products and fluorescent gets confused with phosphorescent often.
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