5 g PFSO-G UV Green Shortwave Organic Pigment

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Video of PFSO-G Green UV Short Wave Fluorescent Pigments. UV organic green powder, the activating wave is 254nm but can also be used with 365 nm black lights, emitting wave is 520 nm, the particle size is 2-7um. We have a lot of pigments to choose from. The invisible pigments are white to off white, while the visible has color in regular light and under black light. The visible use 5-15% loading. The invisible depends on your application. The organic pigments tend to be brighter and can be milled finer. While the inorganics are duller and can not be milled.

The PFSO-G Short Wave Green pigments are used In Security inks, anti-counterfeiting inks, document security, paper, printing inks, plastics, rubbers, glass, and any water based mediums. Some times used for security marking of a product, others to create a dual image effect. Some are even used in the animal world since many fish and birds can see in that spectrum.

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