KMAX2OZW-C0 Double Door Kit with 2 x Wood Stamps an pads with 2 oz UV ink 2 x B9UV Black Light with Batteries

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  • Super Max invisible ID kit with 2 ounces of ink and a black light ready to go now.
  • Two ounce ink bottle next to the open pad waiting for the smile wood stamp.
  • Black light hand marking kit just hit the pad with the stamp and you are secure.
  • KMAX2OZW-C0 comes with B9UV led black light flshlight
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Part number KMAX2OZW-C0 is an invisible black lite stamping kit for two doors or entry points.

The KMAX2OZW-C0 comes with two B9UV black lights WITH BATTERIES!, 2 x Wood Handle Stamps with Stocked Image of your choice, 2 x PAD-1 stamp pads, MAR-C0 Invisible UV Fluorescent Blue pen, and 2 ounce bottle of IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue black light ink. Everything you NEED NOW! Ready to use. Clear Blue Readmission Ink (IFWA-C0), Custom Walnut Handle Stamp, Un-Inked Stamp Pad (PAD-1), and two Pocket-Sized Hand Held Portable Battery Operated Black Light Flash Light (B9UVLED). Perfect kit for each door of entry. Our complete Readmission Kit is the perfect way to get started on controlling patron admission to an event, party, or club. Our ink is incredibly brilliant and easy to see allowing your staff to be efficient in pass through traffic.  Save Money by Buying the Kit!

The KMAX2OZW-C0 Readmission UV Kit includes everything you need per inspection station:

* 2 x B9UV UV LED Portable Hand Operated Black Light! And with all the batteries included.
* 2 x Stocked Walnut Handle Stamp! (Stocked Image) We also do custom stamps!
* 2 ounce bottle of Risk Reactor's Clear Cancun Blue Readmission Ink!
* 2 x PAD-1 un-Inked Felt Stamp Pad!

Your KMAX2OZW-C0 Invisible UV Ink Stamping Kit Includes:

 b9uv-led-black-lite-flashlight-small-icon.png KMAX2OZW-C0 come with two B9UV a nine UV LED black-lite and with enough batteries for both. This kit is perfect for a two door, or two entry way, event. Do not forget to extra batteries for your event, you never want to run out. We specifically created these to work with our ultra violet light sources.

The KMAX2OZW-C0 kits comes with two PAD-1 Un-Inked Stamp Pads. Use with IFWA-C0 (or any other ink) and Walnut Wood Handle Hand Stamp. To use just pour enough of our IFWA-C0 ink on the pad to make wet and stamp away.

Click Here to get more PAD-1 un-inked stamp pads.


Our KMAX2OZW-C0 UV kits comes with two Walnut Wood Handle Hand Stamps. The image size is 3/4" and can be long as you want but usually 3/4" long is standard. If getting a custom stamp the image needs to be in black and white with the black being the stamped image. Initials or small words work best, avoid thin lines or too much detail. Keep in mind the human hand is round, uneven, and porous making detailed imaging a bit challenging. Email image to

Click Here to Buy Your Custom Image Walnut Wood Handle Hand Stamps Separately.

Click Here to Buy Your Stocked Image Walnut Wood Handle Hand Stamps Separately.

How do I use the KMAX2OZW-C0 double door kit?

Pour enough IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue to wet the surface (cap full) of a clean PAD-1 Un-Inked Stamp Pad. Then stamp on the wet pad and then onto the desire surface. Review the invisible mark under one of Risk Reactor’s offered Black Lights such as the B9UV a nine UV LED powerful, portable Black Light (3 AA INCLUDED!) that you now have. We also manufacture Special Readmission Inks for clients that have a particular need such as slower drying, faster, stronger, and non-flammable characteristics. We carry portable, battery-operated, and plug in black lights, so you can use them with or without a power source. You can also use the kit to mark other porous surfaces such as paper, tickets, coupons, etc as a security mark.

Our KMAX2OZW-C0 Readmission Kit has everything you need in one box! Safe, simple, portable, and convenient!  The kits INCLUDE BATTERIES so you can use instantly!

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