UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Custom Self Inking Stamper UV Invisible Black Lite Kit

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  • UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Black light invisible stamper kit with Cancun Clear Blue UV ink in pint form.
  • Strong pocket sized B9UV Black light for hand stamping for events and parties is included in the UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM kit
  • Clear fluorescent blue UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Custom black light ID stamping kit with batteries.
  • Even three triple AAA batteries are included with the ultraviolet invisible inks used in hand stamping for security.
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Part number UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM is a black light stamping kit complete ready to use with your custom image on the stamp. The UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM invisible fluorescent blue stamping kit has everything you need including batteries.

We have custom image stamps and stocked image stamps. Email us your black and white image for the stamp to info@riskreactor.com The UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM kit comes with 2 oz bottle of Clear Blue Readmission Ink (IFWA-C0), CUSTOM Self Inking Round Hand Stamper with your artwork. Perfect for hand stamps, box marking, wall decorations, and other security applications.  Our specially designed fluorescent inks are only visible under black light. The IFWA-C0Cancun clear blue Series ink will not wash off easy like other brands, but it can be removed with much effort for a determined individual. You can also use our invisible stamping kits for document and product marking. Get too many returns? Can you verity that what you gave someone is really yours? Invisible inks help determine ownership and if the returned product is really yours to be returned. Save your money!

Part Listing of UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Custom Self Inking Stamper Fluorescent Blue Black Light ID Kit Complete.
Quantity UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Kit Contains. Reorder Part Number. Black Light UVSTAMPERKITCUSTOM Kit Part Description.
1 RND1-CUSTOM Your custom image on our hand sized 3/4 “ Round Self Inking Stamper with Stocked Stamp Image, comes with blank pad. Email us your black and white image and it has to be black and white no color.
1 B9UV Pocket Sized 395 nm UV Flash Light 395 nm UV black light (batteries included!): flashlight. Strong quality casing * NOW COMES WITH BATTERIES READY TO USE! Very strong for its size. Takes Three AAA batteries which we include for free. 395-400 NM UV Ultra Violet Black light with 9 UV LED's.
1 MAR-C0 Invisible Blue UV Marking Pen. Works on almost any surface. Great for manufacturing, retail stores, and the home. Anywhere you need an invisible fluorescent mark. We also carry other inks as well as custom ink formulation just for you. Use with any of our black lights for a perfect portable security solution. Non-refillable.
3 BAT-AAA Size AAA Batteries specially made for Risk Reactor Inc.’s black light flashlights but can be used with any device needing a high quality AAA type battery.
1  IFWA-C02OZ One 2 ounce bottles of black light invisible blue stamping ink. This ink works with any of our black lights which are included with this kit.  Two ounces of our invisible fluorescent blue black light ink that goes on clear and shows blue only under long wave black light.


Glows bright CANCUN BLUE under black light. Best viewed in dark or shaded area but if you can also buy one of our stronger UV lights. Typically it is just easier to create a little shade. Our Cancun Clear Blue ink is waterproof and simple to use. Our inks come ready made, will not gum up, non-toxic, fast-drying and non-transferable.


9 UV LED Battery Operated Flashlight Black Light perfect for our readmission applications, automotive leak testing, inspection of inks, dyes, and paints. Click Here to Buy B14LED Black light Flashlight Separately. Aluminum Casing with Rubber Grip. “AAA” Batteries Included!


Two ounces of IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue Readmission Ink. Click Here to Buy Ink Separately.


Round Self Inking Stamper plastic and durable.

Click Here to Buy your Stocked Image Round Self Inking Stamper Separately.

Click Here to Buy your CUSTOM IMAGE Round Self Inking Stamper Separately.


Our UVSTAMPERKIT-CUSTOM complete Readmission Kit is the perfect way to get started on controlling patron admission to an event, party, or club. Our ink is incredibly brilliant and easy to see allowing your staff to be efficient in pass through traffic. Send in your black and white image via email to info@riskreactor.com Save Money by Buying the Kit!  Readmission ink, hand stamp ink, or pass-out Ink as it is sometimes called, is a fast drying ink that is used to stamp paying patron's hands at your event. The strong fluorescent capability of our ink allows the establishment to easily identify paying customers.

Fast Drying!
Ready To Use - No Mixing!
Strong, Bright Colors!
Simple To Use!
Economical low cost high Value!
Goes On Clear!
Pays For Itself!
Lasts Long Time!
Made for use with Risk Reactor Black Lights!

Our inks are used extensively to control admission by marking patrons of bowling alleys, racetracks, amusement parks, dance halls, bars, rodeos, concerts, or any event. People also use our Readmission Inks to prevent people from obtaining second servings, gifts, or other valuable products by marking patron.

Applications.Use by applying a rubber stamp (We make custom stamps, click here for more information.) imprint of our fluorescent ink to the patron's hand. The ink is invisible on the skin, dries within seconds, and cannot be transferred or washed off. The ink dries fast so that the patron can not share the image with other patrons. Pass the hand under one of our black lights to see the invisible marking. This bright, durable ink works up to twenty four hours. You may change colors periodically, or change the marking pattern so as to control traffic into separate shows or security areas. It is suggested to use a non-symmetrical stamp to ensure difficulty is duplicating and to change color periodically. 

Perfect for bowling alleys, event planners, amusement parks, horse race tracks, clubs, gift exchanges, free gift give-a-ways, churches, schools, detective agencies, rubber stamps, racing, state prisons, event managers, security personnel, Jai-Alai, concerts, anywhere people need to be identified.

1. Use a clean, blank Risk Reactor Stamp Pad such as the PAD-1 Stamp Pad. If the stamp pad is not a blank and empty then you might have different results.

2. Simply pour Risk Reactor’s readmission ink onto the pad until the pad is wet. This usually is about a thimble full.

3. Use a clean Risk Reactor custom rubber stamp, or other marking device, to transfer the ink from the pad to the intended surface.

4. View the invisible mark under one of Risk Reactor’s superb black lights. We carry plug in fixtures and portable battery operated black lights to suit your every need.

Instructions to Change Ink Pad for Self Inking Stamper Round.

  1. Lock the self-inker in the first position by pushing down 1/8" and pressing buttons on the side of the self-inker.

2. Push ink pad out with finger or pen. Remove pad.

  3. Insert new ink pad. Press down and release.
4. Enjoy your stamper!  

Readmission Kit to Control Paying Patrons (Complete Kits, Need Nothing Else!) Our Readmission Kit has everything you need in one box!  Safe, simple, portable, and convenient!  Comes with batteries, you will be ready to start stamping immediately.

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Warranty Information

This unit is warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase. Supplier's limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace the product at Supplier's option. Consequential costs such as, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of time or freight charges are not covered. Any product that has been abused, altered, tampered or incorrectly operated is not covered. Product finish is excluded from this warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied. We reserve the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications without prior notice.
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1 Review

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    Very effective for security/capacity management

    Posted by Darlene on 12th Jun 2017

    This stuff is amazing. It's great for professional guests who don't want to wake up to black ink on their hands. We got our logo on our stamp, and we are using the included markers to mark large "X" on the hand of minors at all ages shows. Worth every penny. The bottle of ink is huge, considering how little is needed on the stamp pad.

    Room for improvement: The bottle of ink should come with a dispensing spout so that you can easily get it on the little stamper.

    Dislike: Forty bucks for shipping is crazy.

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