BBB15W-365 Fifteen Watt Black Light Lamp Par 38 and E27 Base

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  • Wholesale UV lights BBB15W-365 15 Watt Black Light Lamp
  • 15 W ultra violet LED lamp BBB15W-365 emitting true 365 NM long wave black light energy
  • BBB15W-365 Fifteen Watt Black Light Lamp Par 38 and E27 Base
  • Intense ultra violet energy being produced by 15W UV LEDs BBB15W-365
  • 15 Watt Black-lite emitting UV LED bulb BBB15W-365
  • Black-lite curing lamp BBB15W-365


Part number BBB15W-365 is very intense UV LED bulb emitting long wave black light. The BBB15W-365 emits true 365 NM ultra violet energy. This UV lamp is perfect for black light curing applications and ultra violet inspection areas.


BBB15W-365 Ultra Violet Emission Strength:

OFF THE CHART >10,000 uW/cm2 at 10 inches

OFF THE CHART >10,000 uW/cm2 at 15 inches

OFF THE CHART >10,000 uW/cm2 at 20 inches

9998 uW/cm2 at 30 inches

7982 uW/cm2 at 35 inches

6253 uW/cm2 at 40 inches

5350 uW/cm2 at 45 inches

4150 uW/cm2 at 50 inches

3790 uW/cm2 at 55 inches

3149 uW/cm2 at 60 inches

BBB15W-365 Black Light Bulb Specifications:

Working Voltage:   AC 85-265V

Viewing Angles:    30-45 Degrees.

Product Size:         Diameter 122 mm Height 125 mm

Notes: 15 x 1 watt TaiWan HBO UV LED Chip, E27 Base


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