BMAG-365 Super Strong Black Light Hand Held Kit with batteries, UV glasses, and plastic case

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  • BMAG-365 Black Light UV NDT Inspection kit comes complete including batteries
  • BMAG-365 light unit with batteries go in the back tail cap and come with your kit
  • Black-lite super kit with extra batteries and two types of UV enhancing glasses
  • Showing the contents of the BMAG-365 UV crime scene tool kit
  • Top of the BMAG-365 NM crime scene black light
  • The BMAG-365 comes with four CR123A batteries and two pairs of UVSPORT-Y UV glasses
  • Side view of the UVSPORT-Y  yellow UV safety and black light enhancing glasses
  • UVSPORT-O orange black light safety glasses that come with the kit
  • Extremely powerful BMAG-365 NM crime scene ultra violet tool
  • Side view of the forensic UV tool plastic case
  • Non destructive testing UV tool comes with a lanyard
  • Side view of just the BMAG-365 Black Light
  • LED Spectra Data for the BMAG-365.
  • Intense ultra violet crime scene tool kit BMAG-365
  • UV 365 nm energy graph for the BMAG-365.
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The BMAG-365 come complete with batteries, plastic carrying case, and two types of UV glasses. Everything you need to get your job going. Perfect for carpet inspection, UV Curing, ID checker for Airports, Concerts, Bars, anywhere you need a true ID checker UV black lite flashlight. The BMAG-365 light 5100uW/cm2 at 10" which is extremely powerful ultra violet energy source.


Four CR123A Batteries! That is an extra set of two so you are ready to roll when you get this kit for a long time.
Both of our UV glasses cone with the kit. The UVSPORT-Y yellow and the UVSPORT-O orange ultra violet safety glasses.
The high flux 365 NM emitting UV flash light tool is the star of the show.
Comes with our black light invisible UV pens so you can mark your tools and belongings.
Plastic carrying case with enough room for everything and some extra room for your person items.
"We run many events all year long that require looking at IDs from all over the United States.  This flashlight works great for seeing the security symbols.  It makes me feel more secure that the ID is real.”
–Andy, Sarasota

Our ultra violet BMAG-365 black Light features the following.

• Pocket-sized true black light Alternate Light Source.
• Nichia high flux emitter with special lens.
• Output power density > 2500uW/cm2 at 15"(38cm).
• Current-regulated drive circuit maximizes battery performance.
• Black anodized aluminum body.
• Glass lens.
• Uses two CR123A lithium cells.
• Or, also supports one 18650 cell.
• Click on/off rubber tail cap switch.
• Momentary-on also possibly with tail-cap switch.
• Useful battery life typically 3 hours (primary cells)
• Supports Lithium and rechargeable lithium batteries.
• 5.25 inches long.
• LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
• Beam angle 10 degrees with no hot-spots or rings.
• Output power 250mW at 365nm.
• Lanyard provided.
• Shows dust and contaminants unlike any other light this size!
• Unbeatable for currency and document examination.
• Kit available with custom case and yellow viewing glasses.
• NOTE: Available with smooth 30 degree beam for forensic photography.


• Lithium, or rechargeable lithium cells supported:
• 2xCR123A (included) —or— 2xRCR123A —or— 1x18650 3.7V rechargeable.
• Batteries install positive first from rear of flashlight.
• Do not unscrew head.
• Do not mix battery types.
• Use caution to avoid direct exposure to eye.
• Keep out of reach of children — not a toy.

“This is my go to black light.  I do inspections for a logistics company so I need something that is durable and that I know will be reliable.” --Cody, Newar
  1. Inspection, laboratory, scientific, law enforcement where cordless high UV power is required.
  2. Arson and Fire Investigation!
  3. Scorpion hunting.
  4. Education in schools.
  5. Pet stain inspection.
  6. Carpet cleaning services (pet stains visible in les than ideal lighting conditions).
  7. Curing (requiring 395-400nm)
  8. Antique glass (uranium glass, Vaseline glass)
  9. A/C coolant leak detection (using dye)
  10. Bathroom inspection
  11. Animal urine
  12. Human urine
  13. Hotel room inspection


Salmonella and Shigella bacteria detection
Drivers license UV markings
Dye penetrant inspection (NDI/NDT)
Magnetic surface analysis
Counterfeit currency detection
UV Curing (requiring 365nm)


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