BNB4W Six Inch 4 Watt Blacklight with White LED with 4 AA Batteries Included

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  • BNB4W Six Inch 4 Watt Blacklight with White LED with 4 AA Batteries Included
  • Black light tube type BNB4W of flash light that takes four double AA batteries
  • White LED shown on here no the hand held UV torch called BNB4W
  • Black light BNB4W durable quality for field use
  • Forensic crime scene UV tool ready for your fluorescent project
  • BNB4W black light flashlight with white LED torch on one end
  • Here the the UV light is shown on and off for the BNB4W ultra violet flashlight
  • Six long BNB4W is perfect for close UV inspection of fluorescent material
  • Battery operated UV torch in brightly colored retail box
  • Side view of the BNB4W UV box
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Part number BNB4W black light tube flashlight with four AA batteries included.

We are bringing quality black lights to the marketplace for every possible use imaginable and specifically for security, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, mark detection, and many other types of marking applications. The BNB4W is the best unit for all sorts of applications and uses 4 AA type batteries.

The BNB4W Hand Held Black Light Product Description:

Our BNB4W 6 inch dual action black lite. The 6 inch 4 watt black light comes with a flashlight built in. Has a three setting switch Black lite, Off, and Flashlight. Durable, quality product used in numerous applications. Great for readmission and outdoor use. Get yours today!

Used In:
Fluorescent Tracers and Leak Detection: Use the BNB4W to detect leaks with Risk Reactor Fluorescent Tracers such as the IFWB Series EPA Approved & NSF Certified water based tracers.

Readmission Inks: The BNB4W is perfect for close hand inspection using IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue Readmission Ink.

Detect Counterfeit Money and Documents: Use the BNB001 to detect fraudulent driver's licenses, checks, money orders, etc.

Security Invisible Inks: With the high amount of fraud today use Risk Reactor Security Inks and the BNB4W to prevent lost revenue.

Glow in the Dark Paint Charging: Use the BNB4W to charge Risk Reactor glow paints such as the CPZN1-06 which glow in the dark and glow white under black light.

Black Light Paint Illumination: All of our Black Light Paint works great with this black light.

Stain Spotting: You can also use our BNB4W to spot stains from semen, urine, etc. for hotel room inspections, carpet cleaning, and rodent inspection.

Scorpion Hunting: The scorpion has a unique characteristic by having its body glow under the BNB4W black light. For more powerful unit with a longer throw use the UV Lantern black lights such as SUPERTAC-365.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc.'s BNB4W Black-lite Flashlight:

The BNB4W Emits True Black Light!
Use BNB4W with IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue Readmission Invisible UV Ink.
UV Fluorescent Black-lite Provides Soft Lighting Effect!
Flashlight Built In the BNB4W unit.
Art Fraud Detection!
Science UV Projects!
BNB4W is perfect for inspection of our Fluorescent Tracers and Dyes.
Use to detect counterfeit money, checks, credit cards
Replaceable 6" 4 watt Fluorescent Black lite Bulb!
Durable Quality Construction!
BNB4W Uses 4 'AA' batteries (included)
UV Nail Curing!
Use for Hotel Room Inspection for bodily fluids!
Find pet stains and rodent urine quickly!

Technical Information for the BNB4W:

Size: Approx. 7" x 3"
Power: 4 AA Batteries . These numbers can be found on the body of the AA battery in a box.
Bulb:  4 watt. 6 inch.
Packaging: Single box, bulk also available. 

How to Use UV Lights:
Place 4 AA Batteries (not included) in battery compartment on the unit. It has instructions on battery placement inside. Turn on either the blacklight or the flashlight and enjoy. Aim black light toward the fluorescent materials to illuminate. The darker the area the brighter the glowing effect. The flash light works like any other and is directed toward one end of the unit. Thank you for your interest in our Black Light selection and have a great day!For more information please contact>


Inspection, laboratory, scientific, law enforcement where cordless high UV power is required.
Arson and Fire Investigation!
Scorpion hunting.
Education in schools.
Carpet cleaning services (pet stains visible in les than ideal lighting conditions).
Curing (requiring 365nm)
Antique glass (uranium glass, Vaseline glass)
A/C coolant leak detection (using dye)
Bathroom inspection
Animal urine
Human urine
Hotel room inspection

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Warranty Information

This unit is warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase. Supplier's limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace the product at Supplier's option. Consequential costs such as, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of time or freight charges are not covered. Any product that has been abused, altered, tampered or incorrectly operated is not covered. Product finish is excluded from this warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied. We reserve the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications without prior notice.
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