BF18W-365 UV Floodlight 18W emitting 365 nm black light energy

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The BFUV16-365 black light fixture is perfect for your application. It has angles sides so you can angle the unit's UV light in multiple directions. You can also stand the unit on one end as well. The handle in the back is used for propping up the light using the angled sides or you can use a portable black light for inspections. Perfect UV light for desk, industrial or for artistic applications.

If you want the maximum effect from your black light then choose Risk Reactor Inc.'s BF18W-365 floodlight. This unit emits 365 nm which is the best wavelength for almost all black light applications. Some UV curing adhesives and materials require 395 nm but when in doubt use 365 to be safe. This ultra-low "visible" light emission emits at a wavelength of 365 nm within a specified range peaking at that number. This ensures the fluorescent mark, and not the surface, is illuminated for you to see, we call this light noise reductions. The 365 nm type of UV energy light will appear invisible on non fluorescent surfaces. While the 395 nm UV lights will appear purple, or at least a little blue.

Floodlight Style Black Light for Curing, Theater, or Industrial UV Inspections
Click Here for UV Curing Floodlights and Portable Black Lights in the 365 NM range. Click Here for UV Curing Floodlights and Portable Black Lights in the 395 NM range

Large Black Light Floodlights are used in many applications some are listed below.

Decorating Laser Tag Parks, Super Cool UV Arcade Rooms, and Black Light Cosmic Bowling Alleys.
Producing artistic lighting effects at live performances inside and outside.
Detection of counterfeit artwork and/or currencies.
Aiding forensic investigations being a strongly intense ultra violet energy source.
Mineral and rock hunting along with fluorescent geological displays in the home or museum.
Attracting insects and other life forms that use the perception of UV to give them in an edge over other competitors.

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