Black Light Paints

Black Light Paints

We offer water and oil based Black Light Paints that come in three different types. The fun begins by mixing and matching not only these paints, but also our Glow in the Dark Paints, which create lighting effects that amaze even the most seasoned luminescent professional. Risk Reactor’s Black Light Paints are very strong under black light and we offer a wide selection of colors. We hand craft these paints in the U.S.A. just for you. We have three different types to choose from read the description to find the best one for you.

Clear Black Light Paints – Our Clear Black Light Paints go on clear allowing the color of the surface underneath to show through, until you focus a Risk Reactor Black Light on it. This allows the hidden fluorescent color to magically reveal itself. These paints are used in hidden images, dual props, multi-purpose rooms, artwork, crafts, advertising, and much more.

Invisible Black Light Paints – Our Invisible Black Light Paints go on opaque (off-white) and only show its true color under a Black Light. These paints are used in the same applications as the Clear Black Light Paints, but add another colorful tool to aid in the creation of your own unique idea. You can also use with our Bright Black Light Paints to create artwork that has bright regular colors and then only under black light will the Invisible Black Light Paint section turn into something else.

Bright Black Light Paints – Our Bright Paints are Black Light responsive Visible Colors, which are offered in many different colors. The Bright Visible Series Paints show the beautiful color in regular light, then really come to life under a Black Light. These paints are used extensively in theater, advertising, artwork, bowling alleys, bars, clubs, and anywhere you may need or want superior Bright Black Light colors. Use these paints when you want your artwork visible in regular light, as well as being under black light such as CF1-18 Yellow Tang.

Body Safe Black Light Paints – Use our new line of CFBODY and RAVEPAINT series Body Washable UV Black Light Paint for your next party or event. Stylish colorful and fun! Non toxic and safe.