IF1P Black Light Inks

IF1P Black Light Inks

Risk Reactor's All Purpose Ink is a Solvent Based Ink that Dries Very Fast and can Adhere to most Surfaces Including Plastic. These inks do not leave a Film like the All Purpose Marking Ink and are used in the Manufacturing Process, Product Identification, Sorting, Process Control, Brand Identity, Tamper Resistant Labels, and Anti-Counterfeiting Applications.

Risk Reactor’s Invisible Security Inks are used to add security to your product, personal item, document, or anything else that you may need to identify as being yours. We work closely with clients to offer a wide selection of security solutions that meet your every need. These inks are used in the secure documents, anti-counterfeiting identification, game pieces, specialty books, Product Identification, Sorting, Process Control, Brand Identity, Labels, and Tamper Resistant Applications.

Refillable black light pen that can be used with any type of marking ink  Refillable Pens that come blank, no ink. Ready for your project or application. The pen is made out of medal and can be reused.

MRA-X Single Units  Box of 6 MRA-X Box of 12 MRA-X  Box of 100 MRA-X
 Replacement nibs for the MRA-X Refillable Pen with different points. The nibs come 12 to a pack. The number MRATIP-2 is Round Tip Point, MRATIP-4 is the Chisel Point, MRATIP-6 Fine Line Point, MRATIP-8 Fine Line Chisel Point

Replacement nib for MRA-X refillable pens.


 Dozen of MRA-X replacement UV nibs.


MRATIP-6 fine tipped nibs for the MRA-X refill UV Pen.


 Fine chisel pointed felt nibs to any ink.MRATIP-8