UV Tracer Kits

UV Tracer Kits

NDT Crack Detection: The purpose of our Blacklight is to work in conjunction with our special Fluorescent Dyes. Fluorescent Dyes are a must have tool in detecting leaks and hairline fractures through our Fluorescent Dyes products. Our fluorescent dyes are designed to show hairline fractures in a multitude of every day components such as: Cracks in ceramics, leaks in your plumbing pipes, cracks in metal, car hoses and fuel injection engines, the list of items is ENDLESS.

As an example: Injecting our dyes into a critical component such as a flood lamp will pinpoint where the source of the problem is coming from, saving companies time and energy to detect the crack or leak. Our dyes will glow brightly when used with the blacklight showing the EXACT location of the problem. This is just one example of how our UV-A Blacklight and dyes work hand in hand.

There are some questions that need to be asked first to select the correct UV-A Blacklight for the job, they are as follows:

  • The intensity of the UV light irradiation area.
  • The process of integration.
  • The UV intensity of the lighted area.

Our professional staff of experts is available to assist you should you have any questions.