DESK3W-365 Three Watt 365 nm long wave Black Light Desk Lamp.

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  • Desk long wave UV LED black light for the office or lab..
  • DESK3W-365 true long wave UV desk light.
  • The gooseneck black light is perfect for any application or location.
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(*) New! Screw-in 365nm LED light source (E27 base; 27mm)
(*) Voltage range 90-265Vac — works in USA and Europe.
(*) Works in any light fixture!
(*) Plus! Screw-in replacement for mercury in ballasted fixtures.
(*) True blacklight Alternate Light Source (no filter needed).
(*) Nichia high flux emitter with special lens (not a reflector!).
(*) Beam diameter is 6” (at 15” working distance).
(*) Current-regulated drive circuit maximizes output performance.
(*) Air-cooled; no fan required.
(*) Only 3 inches long.
(*) LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
(*) Beam angle 10 degrees with no hot-spots or rings.
(*) Output power 325mW at 365nm peak.
(*) Shows dust and contaminants unlike any other light this size!
(*) Unbeatable for currency and document examination.


(*) Screw in to standard light fixture.
(*) —OR— Screw in to ballasted light fixture to replace mercury vapor bulb.
(*) Turn off power when replacing blub.
(*) Use caution to avoid direct exposure to eye.
(*) Yellow or clear (appropriate UV blocking eg. NoIR brand) glasses can be used.
(*) Not a toy — keep out of reach of children!

To determine what light and wavelength you want review the application. Invisible Inks come in many colors. All Clear Blues can be seen with any of our UV Lights. The Clear Reds and Clear Yellow Invisible UV Inks require closer to 365 nm. So if you are using the MAR-C0 Invisible Blue Pen you can use any of the lights. The stronger the black light the brighter and farther you can see the invisible ink. Also the darker it is, the more you control the ambient light, the better the response.

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