5 grams of DFWB-K10-50 Water Based Fluorescent Dye.

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Brilliant magenta for inks, coatings, paper, and antifreeze. Perfect for water tracing applications or dyeing of water. A real strong dye. Used in various products where a non-toxic dye is needed. Cationic.

This is a very strong concentrated dye in dry powder form. This is extremely powerful and care should be taken. You can use this powder to trace and track criminals, making inks, making tracer dyes, and EPA Approved NSF Certified water based dyes for tracing rivers, lakes and streams.

DFWB-K10-50 Brilliant magenta for inks, coatings, paper, and antifreeze. Used in various products where a Non-Toxic dye is needed. Cationic. DFWB-K10-50 is tunable around 610 nm when used as a dye for a laser.

Light Visual (100 ppb) 1,200,000 gallons to 1 lb

Strong Visual (1 ppm) 120,000 gallons to 1 lb

This is a super strong/concentrated powdered dye. A little bit goes a long way. Review the dilution with a light visual ratio is one pound to 1.2 million gallons of water. The fluorescent response is manipulated by temperature as well as loading percentage. This dye requires 365 nm illumination nothing higher will be able to see it.

One of the most used UV water dyes for tracing leaks, connections, cross connections, etc. Been used for years and a sturdy workhorse in the water tracing industry.

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