CP1-00 Invisible Blue Water Based Glow Paint CP1-001OZ

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CP1-001OZ Risk Reactor's CP1-001OZ invisible blue is a glow in the dark water based coating that glows for hours. This paint will glow longer than conventional glow in the dark paint that you can find at most stores.

We engineered this paint to be durable, environmentally friendly, non-radioactive, non-flammable and non-hazardous. It contains less than 60 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) which allows this coating to be used when VOC's are a concern. The film produced after it is fully cured is hard and tough, but yet flexible allowing it to last. The film must be exposed to any light source for a minimum of 14 seconds to rejuvenate the glow (phosphorescent) characteristics.

The stronger the light source the faster and brighter the charge up to a point of saturation. Our glow paint has been used successfully in directional markers, warehouse floors, egress systems, safety markings, theater steps, emergency exits, walkways, just about anywhere you need a luminous marking. Risk Reactor's CP1-00 invisible blue surpasses existing building codes. This product is used extensively in safety and star murals due to its long after glow duration and because it is a water based paint.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's CP1-001OZ Blue Glow in the Dark Phosphorescent Paint:

  1. Can be used inside or outside, this paint will not discolor!
  2. Glow capacity lasts years unlike conventional glow paint!
  3. Environmentally Safe!
  4. Can glow up to forty six hours!Waterborne!
  5. Coating is flexible!
  6. Safe and non-toxic!
  7. Cleans up with plain water!
  8. Perfect for safety applications!
  9. Used in star murals!
  10. Non-flammable!
  11. Interior use or Exterior!

Used In:
Safety applications, egress markings, directional markings, warehouses, star murals, staircases, theaters, stadiums, arenas, buildings, tunnels, dark areas, transportation systems, museums, home safety markings, walls, and walkways.

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