PSTAR126 Set of 126 Super Glow in the Dark Phosphorescent Stickers

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  • PSTAR126 set of 126 self adhesive stickers that glow all night long
  • Set of self adhesive G.I.D. stickers used in safety egress markings
  • Glowing PSTAR126 sticker kit with different size circles and phosphorescent stars
  • Super value glow kit PSTAR126  with all the glow in the dark stickers you need for your project
  • Use the glow stickers to mark your light switch plates or door knobs so you can go to the bathroom at night safely
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Part number PSTAR126 is a set of one hundred and twenty six extremely bright stickers.

These are not your typical ones that you have seen before. The PSTAR126 are brand new technology. This PSTAR126 set comes with circles different sizes and stars. Make life easier and safer. Use our PSTAR126 glow sticker kit to make everything visible at night. These are VERY strong and long glowing products, not the usual short glowing ones you are use too. Our PSTAR126 self adhesive phosphorescent stickers are used on light switches and door handles. This way you can see how to turn on lights safely from now on. You can see where the door is, save your toes!

Our long glowing PSTAR126 sticker kit is perfect for:

  • Marking light switches on walls and devices.
  • Use the phosphorescent stickers to mark doors, door handles, and other egress markings.
  • Place on furniture so you can navigate at night safely.
  • Illuminate corners of walls, tables, anywhere that could hurt you at night.
  • Of course for the starry night mural that will glow all night.
  • Put on your remote, laptop on button, on almost anything.

Safety - Mark all dangerous items in your home, office, RV, boat, or car.

Easy to Use - These self adhesive stickers will attach to just about anything.

Handy - Find your way around at night in any environment, no more searching around to find an object or light switch.

Use on anything you want to make visible at night. That simple. We also have other glow in the dark paints, self adhesive vinyl, glow stones, etc. in case you want to add even more color to your glow project.


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