IFWB-K Kit all 5 ounces of IFWB series UV dyes!

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  • NSF certified drinking water ultra violet dye colors for art and industry.
  • IFWB-K Five ounces epa approved black light fluorescent tracers.


IFWB-K 1 ounce of each of the 5 IFWB series dyes including IFWB-C0, IFWB-C8, IFWB-C7, IFWB-33, IFWB-14 for a very low price. This saves you money!

Tracers are products used to "trace" or track something within a medium. Most common use of this for leak detection but it can also be used for conformal coatings and water flow studies. The best way to see which one is best for your particular application is to test it in your environment. We offer data sheets that contain information on each product to help you find the right one. You can save money buy purchasing one of the many kits that are available.

Risk Reactor Product Code and Name:

IFWB-C8 Fluorescent Yellow Green Water Tracer Additive Concentrate EPA Approved and Certified for Drinking Water. The IFWB-C8 Yellow Green, IFWB-33 UV Orange, IFWB-C7 UV Red, and IFWB-14 are EPA Approved and Certified for drinking water. The IFWB-C8 Yellow Green is highly fluorescent and visible while the IFWB-14 Blue is just used visually and is used to give pools a blue tint. Our IFWB-C0 is special clear to color blue requiring a black light and is not as strong as the others nor approved for drinking water. Dilute the IFWB-C0 1:40 1:100 for starting ratios, which makes this hard for large projects. Hence, the IFWB-C8 1 pint treats 125,000 gallons is hard to beat. The IFWB-C8 is EPA approved but has a visible color along with being extremely bright under black light. Since it does have a yellow green visible color it attracts attention so in some circumstances IFWB-C0 or other clear blue has to be used. Product Description:It may be detected visually, by UV light and by appropriate fluoremetric equipment. Today, it is most often used visually. This dye has been used by the military to mark downed pilots for search and rescue operations over large water bodies. Visually the dye appears yellow/green, depending on its concentration and under UV light as lime green. Based on biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) studies, the dye is biodegradable with 65% of the available oxygen consumed in 7 days. The dye is resistant to absorption on most suspended matter in fresh and salt water. However, compared to Risk Reactor Inc's IFWB-C7 UV Red products it is significantly less resistant to degradation by sunlight and when used in fluoremetry, stands out much less clearly against background fluorescence. As always the suitability of these products for any specific application should be evaluated by a qualified hydrologist or other industry professional.Certified To Meet EPA Standards This is a certification that these products conform to the ANSI/Standard 60 for potable water as set forth by the EPA in The Clean Water Act. Note: Our yellow green is recommended for shallow water bearing heavy sediment loads. Sandy soil will not absorb our Red or yellow green. Color is visible in clear water at one part per million.

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