HANDSAN-500ML 500 ML Silver Ion of Hand Sanitizer With 65% Alcohol 16.9 Fluid Ounces

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  • 500 ML Silver Ion of Hand Sanitizer
  • Silver ion and alcohol hand sanitizer kills bacteria and viruses
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500 ML Silver Ion of Hand Sanitizer With 65% Alcohol 16.9 Fluid Ounces

Formulated with 65% ethyl alcohol and provides strong efficacy, killing greater than 99.999% of germs in as little as 15 seconds. It contains premium emollients to keep hands soft instead of leaving them sticky or greasy like gels and foams can. Unique spray form provides excellent hand coverage.

1. Kills RNA-Type Viruses (new coronavirus and SARS are both subject to RNA-Type viruses.

2. High-Efficiency of Sterilization.

3. 60,000 Times Higher Than Just Alcohol.  (Results from National CDC Expert)

4. Fast Sterilization Rate of 99.999%

5. Antibacterial Effect Up To 7 Days!

6. Ingredients Are Safe and Not Harmful for Hands.

silver-ion-bacteria alcohol sanitizer

[Product Name]Silver Ion Hand Sanitizer

[Dosage Form] Liquid

[Specification] 500ml/bottle (16.9 Fluid Ounces)

[Main Active Ingredients and Content] Silver ions: 30 -100 mg/kg, ethyl alcohol: 50-65% (w/w)

[Category of Microorganisms Inhibited or Killed] The product has antibacterial effect on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans.

[Scope of Use] The product is used for hand disinfection in places such as intensive care unit, outpatient service, emergency room, ward and clinics, as well as in environment such as family and social places, especially when water is not available.

[How to Use] Hand hygiene and disinfection: Apply appropriate amount of sanitizer to the palm, knead according to the requirements of the hand disinfection code, ensure that the sanitizer completely covers the skin of the hand, and act for one minute until dry.


1. Anti-bacterial preparations for external use should not be taken orally and shall keep out of reach of children.

2.Avoid use with antagonists.

3.People who are allergic to this product shall be used with caution.

4.Flammable,keep away from fire.

5.Use up within one month after opening.

[Implementation Standard] Q/AN001-2019

[Health License No. of Enterprise] (X) WXZ Zi (2018) 0014#

[Storage] Placed away from light, sealed and stored at room temperature.

[Expiry Date] 24 months


Our advantage

Antiviral Properties of Ag+ and AgNPs

1.Broad spectrum Studies show that Ag+ and AgNPs can inhibit the spread of many viruses in the cell, such as NAD virus, RNA virus and retrovirus.

2.High efficiency It is reported that Ag+ and AgNPs can kill many viruses with a very low dose and make it not infectious.

3.Long acting After the virus is killed, Ag+ and AgNPs can be released for reuse, hence ensuring the persistence of virus killing.

4.Non-drug resistance Ag+ and AgNPs kill the virus at multi-target, acting on not only protein, nucleic acid and lipid of the virus, but also envelop of the virus and important enzymes in the cell, so the virus is not drug resistant.

5.Safety According to related studies, Ag+ and AgNPs have no toxic side effects on the surface of skin and mucous membrane.

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Warranty Information

This unit is warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase. Supplier's limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace the product at Supplier's option. Consequential costs such as, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of time or freight charges are not covered. Any product that has been abused, altered, tampered or incorrectly operated is not covered. Product finish is excluded from this warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied. We reserve the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications without prior notice.
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