DFBK1PT one pint Clear Black Dye UV Fluorescent Absorber

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  • DFBK1PT one pint Clear Black Dye UV Fluorescent Absorber
  • Additive to make anything absorb UV energy making it appear black under black-lite
  • Clear UV black dye concentrate one pint DFBK1PT
  • Ultra violet energy absorber dye concentrate in pint DFBK1PT
  • Fluorescent energy absorber to remove black light photons in pint DFBK1PT
  • DFBK1PT pint of UV absorbing black light dye concentrate
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DFBK1PT Pint of our Clear Black UV Dye Liquid.

This dye is used to shift fluorescent colors by toning them down. Can be used in water or oil based mediums.Fluorescent Ink Cartridges.Our clients do use ink jet printers with our IFPAP and IFPEN series inks but they will ruin the heads. They do the printing in batches. When clients use our IFPAP,  IFPEN and IF2 series inks with printers of various types knowing that it will clog heads and ruin parts. With that being said they like the results and do the runs in batches. Use IFPAP-C7 with extra DFSB-C7 for more kick in the printer. Use IFPAP-C2 knowing that is the last color because it and green IFPAP-C6 will eventually clog. The IF1P-C0, IFPAP-C0 are used for blue with IFPAP-C0 more preferred. We also have the raw materials to create your own with DFSB-C0, DFSB-C7, DFPD-C2, and DFPD-C6. Using a stamp process or MRA-X Refillable Pen it would be better when possible.

For the clear yellow, green and reds you will need a true 365 nm black light such as BMINI8-365 or BMAG-365. The finished inks are great way to start but for long term production you would want to use the dyes and pigments. Our clients get results doing these applications but testing a clogged heads will be the norm. Adding more dye or pigment will increase intensity up to a point of saturation. Use our DF-BK clear black dye or our clear black inks on paper that is already UV responsive. We make all sorts of UV inks. The inks go on clear and show color under black light. The red, green and yellow will not show up unless it is pure 365nm but the blue will show up with just about any black light. Use that to get the effect you are going for.

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