DFDRY-C05G Fluorescent Clear Blue Dye For Water Based Mediums.

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DFDRY-C05G is five grams of the DFDRY-C0 Clear Blue Water Based Fluorescent Dye.


Risk Reactor’s DFDRY-C0 Clear Blue Fluorescent dye for water based mediums is one of our most popular because of its strength, invisibility, and versatility. DFDRY-C0 has a very strong fluorescent effect for use in invisible inks, security paper printing, inks, special effects, markings, coding applications, and paints. Our Clear Blue Fluorescent Water Based dye is clear in regular light, but fluoresces a bright blue under Risk Reactor Black Light. Used to detect leaks, invisible color additive, color enhancer, color shifter, and non-destructive testing. Risk Reactors tracer is a very strong concentrated liquid. Being a liquid, it disperses easily into your systems.

Black Light Dye Ordering Information:

You can order online 24 hours a day to receive your DFDRY-C0 (Clear Blue Fluorescent Dye) or simply print and complete the Order Form found on our website, then fax or email it back to us. The Order Form is located at the end of our product list. We can also offer quotes on large volumes and we do ship all around the world.

Ultra Violet Dye Product Introduction:

Risk Reactor's Clear Fluorescent Blue Dye is stable, light fast and can be used with a variety of solvents. It is used in security inks, paints, coatings, glue, adhesives, tracing, and other applications. Our DFDRY-C0 Clear Blue is used in numerous applications and is one item to always include with your order. Clients also use this dye to add to other pigmented mediums to add depth, color, brightness, or a dual effect. For Non-Destructive Testing purposes the DFDRY-C0 is the workhorse used by it or in addition to other colorants. This is a light colored powder that when dissolved completely it is absolutely clear or invisible to the naked eye and will show an intense bright color under Risk Reactor Black Light. The color can shift from blue to white depending on the concentration in your medium.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's DFDRY-C0 Clear Fluorescent Blue Tracer:

  1. Good light fastness.
  2. Invisible and brilliant fluorescent blue water effects.
  3. Absolutely clear when diluted.
  4. Fluoresces very brightly.
  5. Used in conformal coatings and fugitive glue applications.
  6. Used in thermoplastics, coatings, printing inks, man-made fibers and as a tracer.
  7. Incredibly strong fluorescent effect.
  8. Highly concentrated saving you money.
  9. It is clear when diluted preventing stains and other unwanted marks.
  10. Fluoresces a bright blue under long wave black light.
  11. Cleans up with water.
  12. Safe and non-toxic.
  13. Can be used with our BNB001 6" Hand Held Black Light or our B12LEDNS rechargeable black light for mobility.
  14. DFDRY-C0 is perfect for use with UV sensors for automation.

Risk Reactor’s DFDRY-C05G

Clear UV Blue Dye is used in:

  • Coatings.
  • Water Tracing.
  • Invisible fluorescent marking inks.
  • Folder-gluers.
  • Conformal Coatings.
  • UV Sensor and automation markings.
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Printing Inks.
  • Leak detection.
  • Man-made fibers.
  • Special Effects.
  • Color shifter.
  • Coating Coverage.
  • Public power utilities.
  • Military facilities.
  • Engineering firms.
  • Testing companies and laboratories.
  • Tank constructors and installers.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturer.
  • Quality control during manufacturing.

Coating Coverage: DFDRY-C0 Clear Blue Fluorescent Dye provides an excellent means to determine coverage of either conventional or UV cure coatings. Small amounts act as a tracer, which when viewed under a Risk Reactor Black Light, indicating whether or not a uniform coating coverage has been achieved. This is especially useful for clear coatings, where coverage can be difficult to determine by conventional means.

Leak Application:

  • Our Clear Blue Fluorescent Dye has been used to invisibly trace leaks all over the world. You can use this in numerous ways, including simply adding this to a water-based medium needing to be traced. This item is great for its unique ability to be invisible in regular light and only show its color under Risk Reactor’s Black Lights.

    Technical Information:

    Shelf Life: Minimum 12 months.
    Color of Concentrate: Yellow.
    Packaging: gram, pound, 55 lb bag.

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Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty!*
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