DFSB-K1751GAL Gallon of Liquid Oil Tracer Fluorescent Dye Concentrate

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  • DFSB-K1751GAL Gallon of Liquid Oil Tracer Fluorescent Dye Concentrate
  • Gallon of black light reactive tracer to prevent leaks in hydraulic and oil systems DFSB-K1751GAL
  • Engine fluid tracer DFSB-K1751GAL that glows under 365 NM black-lite sold in gallon
  • DFSB-K1751GAL Gallon of UV tracer for hydraulic fluid along other oil related products
  • Find leaks fast in mining equipment, harvesters, and any machine using the black light dye DFSB-K1751GAL


DFSB-K1751GAL Orange visible and fluorescent UV tracer for petroleum based products and leak detection. This product is in liquid form and is used extensively to detect leaks in oils, Diesel, Hydraulic Oils, petroleum based liquids and similar power equipment. Meets fuel requirement flash point of being under <140F. Very UV responsive. 1 oz = treats 13 gallons. Our DFSB-K175 is used in numerous applications where a fluorescent petroleum additive is needed. It is unusually useful when it is used as a "Leak Detector" for lubrication oils or for the detection of leaks in hydraulic system. It is especially useful for use in detecting oil leaks in internal combustion engines or similar power equipment.

Use one of our 365 nm Tube shape lights or better yet, the 365 nm UV LED lights. We have them in small keychain to large arrays with high flux emitters, one for each application requirement.

When DFSB-K175 is dissolved in lube oil or similar compounds and illuminated by blacklight (ultra violet, UV, Long Wave UV, etc.) the resulting fluorescence is outstanding. It can not be misunderstood.

This unique characteristic should enable you to trace or detect any flowage pattern of a lube oil. Sand holes in castings, improperly seated gaskets, joint or connectors that are improperly tightened, etc. will be very obvious and easy to find.

These UV tracers do no damage to the sytems o-rings, hydraulics are mission critical systems. Now with that being said, there are new composites for special high tech applications which might need to be tested. The "magic" of fluorescent dyes is that you usually can use them in such low PPM that it will impart any other characteristic other than the UV responsiveness. Some dilutions are 0.005% loading and still perceptible with a black light. While visible only dyes are no where near that. This low loading makes them safer option.

We have a few tracers made for oil, hydraulic fluids, fuels, etc. which do not change the characteristics of the oil other than a colorant. The DFSB-C0 is a clear blue dye but most go with the DFSB-K175 is really easy to work with 1 oz treats 13 gallons. We also have another OILTRACER-C8 which works in Liquid PAG Oil, Mineral Oil products such as mineral oil based and petroleum based hydraulic fluid. 1 ounce of OILTRACER-C8 treats 543 ounces, 1 gallon treats 542 gallons. DFSB-K43 is another very fluorescent and versatile dye used in synthetic and petroleum based mediums.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc's DFSB-K1751GAL Orange Fluorescent Tracer:

  1. Used extensively in machines to test for leaks FAST!
  2. Also in anti-freeze and oils as a tracer!Soluble in many solvents!
  3. Fluoresces a bright Orange under long wave black light!
  4. Highly concentrated!
  5. Perfect for tracing in any petroleum based systems!
  6. Very visible under black light!

Used In:
Oil, Hydraulic Oil, car engine oils, diesel engine oils, any petroleum based product, paints, inks, tracers, anti-freeze, and anywhere a fluorescent orange is needed. Also in compressor leaks or any other mechanical device that uses fluid for lubrication or fuel.

Technical Information:
Appearance: Dark Red.
Hue: Fluorescent Orange.
Insoluble in Water.
Specific Gravity: .89
Boiling Poing: >300 F, 148.8 C
Vapor Density > 5
Odor: Gas like oder.
pH: N/A

How to Use:
This dye is perfect for inks, coatings, and polymers. This product was designed for a multitude of applications from security inks to special effects and can be incorporated in numerous systems. We suggest starting with the following formula:

10 liters Lube or Hydraulic Oil to 6 mls DFSB-K175.

The Following recommendations are provided as a starting point for typical applications. Actual dosage will depend on desired color strength as well as background color of the base.

500 to 2000 ppm Hydraulic & Transmission Fluids
500 ppml Car Engine Oils

700 to 2000 ppm

Diesel Enigne Oils

Add this mixture to your engine or hydraulic system, run or operate for 30 minutes and examine with a Risk Reactor hand held black light. The results are unambiguous, the bright orange fluorescence can not be overlooked.

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Warranty Information

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