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395 nm UV Lights

The UV black lights is an industrial grade design with durability. It is solid state design and is engineered to last. Because this UV light has a higher grade LED, it has a better contrast and visibility then than other LED black lights. This LED black light shows the scorpions with a greater visibility than other LED black lights. This increases your ability to detect the mammal urine, mammal bodily fluids, and the presence of scorpions with ease. Higher Wavelengths are used for Pet Urine, Carpet Inspection, just about anything. Especially when used with our UVGLASS1 or other UV enhancing glasses.

380 nm - 395 nm

  • Anqitue glass (uranium glass, Vaseline glass)
  • Forged document detection
  • A/C coolant leak detection (using dye)
  • Carpet inspection
  • Bathroom inspection
  • Animal urine
  • Human urine
  • Arson Investigation Flashlights Lanterns
  • Semen
  • Hotel room inspection
  • Mineral Hunting (diamonds, etc.)
  • Salmonella and Shillelagh bacteria detection
  • Contaminate inspection (clean environment)
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