Leak UV Dyes

Leak UV Dyes

While some applications permit the use of visible color tracers, most of the inspection problems which involve the use of tracers require a high level of sensitivity in the capability for detecting small amounts of tracer-tagged materials. Fluorescent tracers are, in general, much more sensitive than are visible color tracers, and for this reason most of the commercially usable tracers are fluorescent in character. Risk Reactor Inc. line of tracers may be grouped in five categories as follows:

TRACERS FOR UNWANTED RESIDUES, FUGITIVE GLUE. In this category are found tracers, which are employed to enhance the capability for detecting surface contaminants or residues of materials such as, solder fluxes, varnishes, adhesives, or potting compounds.

LEAK TRACERS. Microscopic liquid leaks in fuel tanks, pipe lines, flotation systems for gyro compass apparatus, and various pressurized containers can be detected by use of suitable tracers. The tracers are selected according to their compatibility with the liquid materials, which is contained in the system. Gas-Phase tracers are available for use in detecting gas leaks.

TRACERS FOR APPLIED FILMS. For the most part, this category of tracer usage relates to the quality assurance inspection for proper coverage of potting compounds, sealants, adhesives, surface, or thin layers of lubricants or insulating materials.

MARKING MATERIALS. White most usage of marking materials such as paints, inks, dyes, etc., fall in the categories of art or display applications these materials can often be used as tracers. Invisible fluorescent powders, inks or stains can be used to mark documents, coins, electronic parts, or various other objects including the backs of patrons hands, mostly for purposes involving identification, admission control, security, or the detection of petty theft.

The detection and measurement of seepage of liquids, such as water in soil irrigation, may be accomplished by use of ‘bulk fluorescence’ effects. This is where thick layers or bulk quantities or tracer-tagged liquid are observed., as contrasted with the detection of fluorescence in thin films. Also included in this category are high visibility fluorescent tracers, which are used as sea or snow markers for indicating locations. Locations such as a snowed-in airport runways, skiers, survival usage, and locating flyers down at sea are just some examples.


Description Color Ounce TDS
Pint TDS
Gallon TDS
SDS Sheet
Clear Blue Water Invisible Fluorescent Tracer Concentrate. UV Clear Blue IFWB-C01OZ IFWB-C01PT  IFWBC0
 Yellow Green Visible and Fluorescent Tracer Additive
EPA Approved, NSF Certified.