Glow by kilogram

Glow by kilogram

In the past few years an incredible advance in self emitting light technology has occurred. We are all familiar with the yellow-green glow in the dark products from the seventies with a quick glowing period (PPZNBB1-06 Fast Glow In the Dark Pigment) and characteristic color. Now we have eleven colors, some of which can glow for more than 100 hours. This breakthrough in luminescent technology allows us to use these photo-luminescent pigments in ways never thought possible. Safety has been a very important application for these products as well as special effects. Imagine, a water proof, non-electrical, rechargeable, item that is resistant to the damaging effects of the sun. Well, it is here at the Risk Reactor. Use our pigments to make your own ideas glow.

We have a wide range of Glow in the Dark Pigments to choose from. Risk Reactor’s fun and versatile colorants have unlimited uses and applications. These Pigments are used in any non-aqueous system such as Paint, Glue, Liquid Nails, Silicone, Polyurethane, Plastics, Vinyl, etc. These pigments are non-toxic and non-radioactive. They can be used in water based mediums but you should minimize your pot life. Once pigment is set in the coating it should be protected. Every application is unique and testing in your environment is the best way to see how our Glow in the Dark Pigments can help you.

Why Use Risk Reactor's Glow in the Dark Pigments?

Non toxic and non radioactive.
Longer afterglow.
We carry the largest variety of glow pigments 76 different types!
Afterglow and brightness, ten times stronger than Zinc Sulfide powder.
Shelf life of more than 10 years.
Comes in 11 different colors.
Weather resistant.
Glow Powder does not change the characteristics of the medium.
Water-based and non-water based available.