Scorpion Hunting UV Lights

Scorpion Hunting UV Lights

The scorpion glows under our black lights making them easy to see. There are a lot of things that fluoresce in the desert but not all can sting you. Scorpions do fluoresce (or glow) under ultraviolet light, such as our SUPERTAC-395 UV flashlights. We have a full line of 395 NM black lights that plug in or portable, which work best for seeing scorpions. The aqua glowing color comes from a fluorescent reactive compounds that are found in the scorpion’s exoskeleton. This effect is what you use to protect yourself and family.

As your looking for scorpions keep your eyes open to new world of UV. It is light seeing the world with different set of eyes. Some animals can see in UV light bees for the flowers and fish in the sea. Outside you will see rocks and minerals that react to the black light and glow just for you. Animal fluid secretions also fluoresce and can change color over time.

Scorpion Hunting Black Lights
  MINIZOOM-395 Mini 395 nm UV Flash Light with Movable Lens. 1 meter Zoom focus adjustable 395 nm UV black light (batteries included!): flashlight. Strong quality casing * Feature: Zoomable UV 395nm Color: Black* Light bulb type: UV 395nm LED Emitter* Watts: 1W* 1-Mode: on/off* Working voltage: 1.2V~4.2V * Battery Type: 1x AA 1.2V * Body Material: Aluminum alloy * Size: 95mm (length) x 26mm (diameter)* Net weight 62.5g
  ZOOMTAC-395 Tactical Grade 395 nm UV Flash Light with Movable Lens. Zoom focus adjustable 395 nm UV black light (batteries included!): flashlight. Strong quality casing * Feature: Zoomable UV 395nm Color: Black* Light bulb type: UV 395nm LED Emitter
 The Super Tactical 395 is military grade black light and gold medal quality. SUPERTAC-395  5 watt black light emitting 395 nm high energy UV unit. (batteries included!) High quality Black Metal casing. Flashlight body type: Emitter Quantity: 3x Chips Working voltage: 3.7V-4.2V Battery type: 2x CR123 batteries. Reflector: OP aluminum Switch type: Tail Click Lighting range: within 50 meters Size: 132mm (Length) *29mm(Diameter)*30mm(Lamp Head)

Do not be confused with other bio-luminescent animals that can glow by creating photons of energy through a chemical process. In this case the glowing property is part of the body and not controllable through animal function. Scorpions can be preserved in various mediums and still glow under black light. We have a scorpion inside an acrylic and it still fluoresces under UV light. It has been noted that even fossils can fluoresce despite being preserved for millions of years.

Safety Scorpion Hunting with Black Lights.

* Check your home and room bedding before sleeping for scorpions.
* Check your cabin and or tent for scorpions.
* Check your clothes in the morning when camping, animals like warm moist places in the cold dry desert.
* Check your boat or RV, you will also see any rat urine stains using the same light.

The UV black lights is an industrial grade design with durability. It is solid state design and is engineered to last. Because this UV light has a higher grade LED, it has a better contrast and visibility then than other LED black lights. This LED black light shows the scorpions with a greater visibility than other LED black lights. This increases your ability to detect the mammal urine, mammal bodily fluids, and the presence of scorpions with ease.

Risk Reactor Inc. is dedicated to innovating the superior black lights for finding Scorpions. Being in a desert environment, we understand what makes scorpions fluoresce. The battle between home owners and the arachnid invasion is ongoing. Protect yourself from these poisonous and dangerous arachnids. Scorpions have been on Earth almost since the beginning, well documented in the fossil record. Man has been battling to keep his environment safe and now we finally can. Use any of our 395 NM black lights with the BMONSTER-395 being the most powerful UV Scorpion Light on the market. Sure there are cheap ones but if you want a lot of energy in a quality casing, use our blue monster BMONSTER-395. When you can find the scorpions you can remove them before they cause any problems, especially for young children and pets. Scorpions tend to come out at night which is a defensive mechanism. The arachnids think they cannot be seen under the darkness and are therefore safe to scavenge for resources. Since the cuticle of the Scorpions glow under Risk Reactor Inc.’s black lights they now can be spotted first. Scorpion also reproduce fast so frequent checking is important to safely be rid of the pest.