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Self Inking UV Stampers.

Save Money by Buying the Kit! Includes the Following:

  • * 1 Unique Stocked Stamp!
  • * High Quality UV LED Portable Battery Operated Black Lights. Perfect kit for each door of entry.
  • * PAD-1 Large Sized Felt Sponge Stamp Pad!
  • * IFWA-C0 1 Pint of Risk Reactor's Clear Cancun Blue Readmission Ink!

Our Readmission Kit has everything you need in one box! Safe, simple, portable, and convenient! Readmission ink, hand stamp ink, or pass-out Ink as it is sometimes called, is a fast drying ink that is used to stamp paying patron's hands at your event. The strong fluorescent capability of our ink allows the establishment to easily identify paying customers.

  • Fast Drying!
  • Non-Toxic!
  • Ready To Use - No Mixing!
  • Strong, Bright Colors!
  • Simple To Use!
  • Economical low cost high Value!
  • Goes On Clear!
  • Pays For Itself!
  • Lasts Long Time!
  • Made for use with Risk Reactor Black Lights!

Our inks are used extensively to control admission by marking patrons of bowling alleys, racetracks, amusement parks, dance halls, bars, rodeos, concerts, or any event. People also use our Readmission Inks to prevent people from obtaining second servings, gifts, or other valuable products by marking patron.

Applications.Use by applying a rubber stamp (We make custom stamps, click here for more information.) imprint of our fluorescent ink to the patron's hand. The ink is invisible on the skin, dries within seconds, and cannot be transferred or washed off. The ink dries fast so that the patron can not share the image with other patrons. Pass the hand under one of our black lights to see the invisible marking. This bright, durable ink works up to twenty four hours. You may change colors periodically, or change the marking pattern so as to control traffic into separate shows or security areas. It is suggested to use a non-symmetrical stamp to ensure difficulty is duplicating and to change color periodically.

Perfect for bowling alleys, event planners, amusement parks, horse race tracks, clubs, gift exchanges, free gift give-a-ways, churches, schools, detective agencies, rubber stamps, racing, state prisons, event managers, security personnel, concerts, anywhere people need to be identified.

1. Use a clean, blank Risk Reactor Stamp Pad such as the PAD-1 Stamp Pad. If the stamp pad is not a blank and empty then you might have different results.
2. Simply pour Risk Reactor’s readmission ink onto the pad until the pad is wet. This usually is about a thimble full.
3. Use a clean Risk Reactor custom rubber stamp, or other marking device, to transfer the ink from the pad to the intended surface.
4. View the invisible mark under one of Risk Reactor’s superb black lights. We carry plug in fixtures and portable battery operated black lights to suit your every need.