UVGLASS1 UV Enhancing Amber Yellow UV Protective Glasses.

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Safety Warning:
This eye protector meets the requirements ANSI Z87+ but it is not to be considered unbreakable.

When choosing an eye protector consider the hazards(s) that may exist. Impact, splash or injurious rays may require different and separate eye protectors. These glasses are not suitable for welding, lasers or other radiation, unless specifically marked. Choose a frame style that provides a good fit for each individual worker.

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Wash in mild soap and water. Rinse.
  2. Air dry or pat dry with clean, soft tissue.
  3. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.
  4. Store away from direct sunlight and abrasive chemicals.
  5. If lenses become scratched, pitted or crazed the glasses should be replaced immediately.
  6. Store glasses in protective case or in plastic bag supplied with glasses.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003

Clear lenses provide 90% visible light transmission (VLT), and 99% UV protection. Amber/Yellow lenses provide 85% VLT and 99% UV protection. Indoor/Outdoor lenses provide 50% VLT and 99% UV protection. Ice blue lenses provide 66% VLT and 99% UV protection. Gray lenses provide 18% VLT and 99% UV protection. Mirror lenses provide 16-20% VLT and 99% UV protection.

UVGLASS1 UV Protection Safety Glasses
Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003
Lens: Polycarbonate Full front to side protection
Frame: Polycarbonate Integrated to Lens with brow bar guard.
Temple: Polycarbonate Wide spatula with side protection and ventilation.
Nose Piece:


Integral to lens.
Hinge: Polycarbonate Snap in two pins.
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