395 UV Curing Blacklight Floodlights

There are a lot of reasons why you want to use our UV LED technology. Money saving and Earth friendliness rank this technology a planet saver. Risk Reactor Inc.’s UV LEDs have a higher energy efficiency, longer lifetime, lower operating temperature than conventional UV lamps which create an intense amount of heat. Having the lower temperatures requires less energy for large exhaust fans and is environmental friendly. Risk Reactor Inc. UV LED curing units eliminates the need for ways to remove ozone. This helps you free up space and saving money on other equipment which also save on electricity costs. Our black lights made with our UV LED curing unit does not have a long warm up or a long cool down time. That alone is a huge safety factor. Frequent on and off cycling will not affect the lifetime of a UV LED curing unit unlike fluorescent tube type lighting. Risk Reactor Inc.'s UV LED curing units do not generate ozone and do not contain mercury or other harmful components like the HID and other older technology.

395 NM UV Curing Blacklights and Floodlights
 395 NM ultraviolet energy floodlight used in any blacklight applications such as NDT or curing of adhesives BF10W-395  UV Flood light 10W, with plug, wavelength: 395NM-400NM 15*3w, high voltage 220V, IP65
 20 watt UV floodlight shaped blacklight fixtures for fluorescent inspections or art BF20W-395  UV Flood light 20W, with plug, wavelength:395NM-400NM 15*3w, high voltage 220V, IP65
 UV curing floodlight emitting 395 nm black light energy BF30W-395  UV Flood light 30W, with plug, wavelength:395NM-400NM 15*3w, high voltage 220V, IP65
 45 watt floodlight UV fixture for curing or non destructive testing industries BF45W-395  UV Flood light 45W, with plug, wavelength:395NM-400NM 15*3w, high voltage 220V, IP65, size:226*187*160mm
 50 watt UV fluorescent flood light that can be plugged in and directed toward black light inspection area BF50W-395  UV LED Floodlight, 50w, AC100-265V, wavelength: 395NM, black/gray casing, IP65, size:285X235X150mm
 High ultra violet output floodlight using UV super 395 NM chips BF70W-395  UV LED Floodlight, 70w, AC100-265V, wavelength:395NM, black/gray casing, IP65, size:285X235X150mm
 500 watt super black light for theater lighting and UV curing applications BFR500W-395  500W 395 nm, USA Plug, 3 Meter cord. AC100~277V / 50-60Hz IP65 25°, 60°, 90° 385*320* 535 mm
 395 NM  theatrical black light and UV LED curing floodlight. BFS500W-395 500 watt 395 nm, USA Plug, 3 Meter cord. 1800lm±5%  AC100~277V50-60Hz IP65 15°,40°,90°, 30°*70°, 49°*21°, 136°*78° 583*426*67.5 mm

Our black light fluorescent lamps contain an amazing intense UV energy emitters. When the fluorescent material is activated by a dark (black) light it creates its photonic energy. Usually the black light energy fluctuates from 254 nano meters to 410 nano meters in the light spectrum. The common human eye can see light energy only between 400 to 700 nano meter (NM) wavelengths. It is within these wavelengths that we use to make items fluorescence or to cure UV glues and adhesives. Keep in mind the lower the NM number the more dangerous it is. 254 NM will burn and should be handled with care. We stick with 365 NM and 395 NM both of which are safer. With that being said, all LED lights should never be aimed at the eye. The stronger the LED source the more care and protective glasses should be worn.

Ultra Violet Safety Glasses.
  Single Box of 3 Box of 6 Box of 24
Black light protective UVGLASS1 also enhances the visual UV effective! UVGLASS1  UVGLASS1-BOX3  UVGLASS1-BOX6  UVGLASS1-BOX24
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