Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats Frequently Asked Questions.

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Risk Reactor Inc.'s Phosphorescent Glowing Toilet Seat Features:

Use this Risk Reactor Inc.'s Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat to make nighttime bathroom trips safer in the dark.
Up to 8 hours of glowing can occur from a few minutes of charging from any light source, stronger the light the faster.
Made to maintain its glowing ability for up to 10 years but actually the pigments are rated for 25 years.
Holds up durably to strong chemicals so you can clean as usual.
Seat and lid glow, the entire thing to give the maximum effect.
Seat is white by day and glows in the color at night after charging.
Practical for any home, office, or RV.
Fun for kids to use and practical for night runs.
Soothing glowing effect that won't wake you up late at night vs a bright bathroom light, helping you get back to sleep.
Fits most standard elongated toilet bowls and the round ones fit most of the rounds.
Easy to install and comes with instructions just for you.
Plastic made with anti-microbial additives to prevent disease.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth when you do your regular cleaning.
1-year manufacturer's warranty
Use with our glow in the dark vinyl to make the light switches glow and hall way markers.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats

Elongated Shaped

Toilet Seat

Round Style

Toilet Seat

Soothing Blue Glowing Toilet Seats. GLOWSEAT-RB
Yellow Green Glowing Toilet Seats. GLOWSEAT-EYG GLOWSEAT-RYG

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How long do Risk Reactor Inc.’s Toilet Seats Glow?
A: Risk Reactor Inc.’s Seats can glow in the dark for up to eight hours or more. This depends on how long the Risk Reactor Inc.’s glow seat was exposed to a light source and the strength of that light source. The stronger, brighter, and longer the phosphorescent seat is exposed to any light, the longer it will glow. In outside tests the Risk Reactor Inc.’s seat actually performs better in locations such as bathrooms, with a natural light source. Any light will charge it. At night the human eye adjusts to the dark, so what appears glowing to you at 3 am may not seem to glow when you came from the kitchen light. Wait 8 minutes allowing your eyes to adjust.

Q: What type of lights work with the glow in the dark toilet seats?
A: The stronger the light such as Ultra Violet lights work the best but are not required. Black Lights are fun and you can write on the seat surface with any flash light. LED flash lights work best if you want to make designs on it. Direct light, and even indirect sun light works great. The incandescent lamps and fluorescent tube lighting also charge it.

Q: What color of Risk Reactor Inc.’s Glow Seats should we get?
A:  The yellow green Risk Reactor Inc.’s glowing seats have brighter luminescence and longer glow times than the Blue Risk Reactor Inc.’s seats This is assuming we are testing under similar conditions. Our yellow green Risk Reactor Inc.’s seats will glow approximately 20% longer and brighter than the Blue  seat. With that being said the blue is just a wonderful soothing glow. I like them both. If I was fitting a submarine I would do the yellow green or any other safety application due to its extensive glowing properties.