1 pound PPSB-03 Inv. Orange Glow in the Dark Pigment.

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  • White to orange glowing colors.
  • Phosphorescent orange glow in the dark powder.
  • White to orange glowing colors.
  • Phosphorescent orange glow in the dark powder.
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Product Description:
Risk Reactor's PPSB-03 Invisible Orange Glow in the Dark pigment powder was developed to go into oil or water based mediums. Phosphorescent pigment is the basic building block for material that glows in the dark. It works by absorbing ambient light and then re-emitting it in the visible spectrum. This process can be repeated an infinite amount of times. The color visible in regular light is an off white and it will glow a vibrant Orange in the dark. This "change" of color is why we refer to it as invisible. You can mix this pigment into any clear medium such as glue, paint, caulking, wax, clay, gel candles, liquid nails, silicone, urethane, you name it.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's PPSB-03 Invisible Orange Pigment:

  • Long afterglow lasting pigment! 
  • Product can last more than 15 years, unlike conventional pigment!
  • Just about any light will charge it!
  • Glows a strong Orange!
  • Non-radioactive!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Easy to work with!
  • Can be used with just about any medium!
  • Charges an infinte amount of times!

Used In:

Clock & watch dials, paint, electronic instrument dial pads, poly urethane, home appliances, lighting apparatus and switches, exit signs, emergency signage and low level lighting escape systems (Egress Systems), shoes, caps, aircraft and automobile dials and instrument panels, fireman's equipment, traffic signs & high visibility signs, fishing equipment, military applications, outdoor path marking, camping equipment, textile printing and textile fibers, writing & printing inks, You can use this product anywhere a long afterglow and/or light fastness is needed.

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