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Blacklight and UV LEDs

Welcome to Risk Reactor Inc.’s Extensive Black Light, UV Cure Modules, and UV LED Flash Light selection. We offer quality black lights to suit your needs and price point. Use them to illuminate Risk Reactor’s Black Light Paint, Fluorescent Dyes, Fluorescent Pigments and even Glow in the Dark Paints and Glow in the Dark Pigments. We also have specialty Black Lights for specific purposes and can manufacture a new one to meet your needs. Our off-the-shelf Black Lights include battery operated portable black lights and plug-in fixtures. Use them in leak detection, forensics, law enforcement, coating inspection, fugitive glue, UV Curing, special effects, urine detection, displays, exhibits and more.

What is the difference between the bulb types?

There are two different factors in the bulb and there for the light cost. First is the wavelength. The lower the nm (Wavelength) usually the more cost in manufacturing such as 365 nm. 254 nm, which is short wave, is a lot more. Secondly, more intensity of the wavelength the higher the cost will be. These days has really spawned some great innovation creating high flux emitters which blows away traditional LEDs.

Does 365nm pick-up / show invisible ink etc... more intensely than 380-385nm versions?  

Depends on the color. All Clear Blues Invisible Inks and Paints can be seen with a wide range of UV 360-395 nm. The Clear Reds and Clear Yellow Invisible UV Inks require closer to 365 nm. So if you are using the MAR-C0 Invisible Blue Pen you can use just about any of our Black Lights and UV LEDs. For the Clear Red you will need a 365 nm such as the BMAG-365.

Do the higher nm bulbs pump out more visible light thus interfering with the potential intensity of the items you are trying to fluoresce?  

Yes. In the case of using Clear Blue Invisible Inks and Paints then 385 nm to 390 nm is fine for a strong response. If you want more contrast then yes, 365 nm is what you want.

How far away can the Black lights be from a fluorescing surface before it will "light it up?"

That all depends on a few factors. How bright is the UV responsive surface is, how dark is the area of inspection, and the type of black light.

I'm trying to make sure I get the right wavelength and strength of flashlight  to light up invisible ink markers with the greatest amount of visibility and least amount of bleach-out due to the light itself.

To determine what light and wavelength you want review the application. Invisible Inks come in many colors. All Clear Blues can be seen with any of our UV Lights. All visible Paints and Pigments can be seen with any of the lights as well. The higher the nm you will get more of that “flushed-out” or “bleached-out” effect. But if you are using the MAR-C0 Invisible Blue Pen, which can be used with any of the lights, then 365 nm lights would give the largest visible difference but most clients use the 395 Lantern in large inspection area applications.