SUPERTAC-365 Military Grade True UV Black Lights

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  • SUPERTAC UV-365 UV light takes 18650 battery or use two CR123 types of batteries.
  • Super tactical military grade UV flashlight with the highest quality ultra violet energy you can buy.
  • SUPERTAC-365 comes with batteries ready to use and a MAR-C0 invisible blue black light pen.
  • Wholesale government issue black lights used for crime scene investigations and jealous husbands.
  • Industrial grade UV light that comes with two batteries ready for your tactical project
  • Best quality fluorescent UV energy light in a hand held form.
  • Supertac-365 military grade black light at wholesale prices.
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SUPERTAC-365 Military grade black light is incredibly strong and ready to use. Comes with 2 x CR123A batteries and MAR-C0 invisible blue black light pen.

Everything you need to mark and ID your property. Perfect for college kids and gym clothes. The 365 nm is used to determine if your driver's license or Identity Card is legal or not. Each state has a different marking. When you are in the market for a black light you want maximum effect from your UV light source. Most black light reactive materials use the long wave 365 NM wavelength. This UV light source has low apparent visible light noise. Giving the reactive surface a greater difference visually then using a higher wavelength. Now with that being said there are some materials that need 395 NM. But generally speaking the 365 NM wavelength ensures the fluorescent object, and not the surrounding surface, is illuminated perfectly. Risk Reactor Inc.’s 365 NM ultraviolet light produces a near pure black light output which is the best frequency for typical UV fluorescent applications. You are going to love the this UV flashlight's solid build and strong UV energy. We guarantee it!

Real strong UV throw which is the distance you can see the fluorescent response of viewing material. Perfect for our clear red inks and coatings. Only the clear blues can be used with both the 365 nm and the higher 395. To see even more use with both UVSPORT-Y UV enhancing glasses and our UVSPORT-O orange color enhancing glasses. Each allows you to define and see more stains and fluorescent material then possible without the glasses. Amazing. These are mostly for inspection of bathrooms where layers of stains over time fluoresce at different wavelengths. That is where these really come in handy.

SUPERTAC-365 NM Black Light Flashlight Quick Details

Light Source: UV LED
LED Light Source: 365 NM UV LED, High Quality
Flashlight Type: Rechargeable Flashlight if you use rechargeable battery. Comes with 2 x CR123 to get you started
Brand Name: Risk Reactor Inc.
Model Number: SUPERTAC-365
Battery Type: 18650 or 2 x CR123 (included!)
Usage: Camping, inspection, scorpion hunting.
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery or regular battery.
Lighting Period (h): 3
Certification: CE, RoHS
IP Rating: IP66
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Warranty(Year): 1
Color: Black
Switch: Tail cap click switch

There are countless compounds that glow under black light including minerals, plants, fungi and microbes. Other organic and inorganic substances fluoresce as well and when then do it is an amazing effect to say the least. Fluorescent materials can absorb UV radiation which is invisible to the human eye, and then emit it in the visible spectrum. The absorption of this UV energy causes electrons in the compound to jump to a higher energy levels and when they fall back, the emit a photon of light. These electrons cannot stay in the higher level because they are unstable making the return to a lower energy level a continuous operation as long as the black light is on it. Some substances used as pigments in paints or dyes that exhibit fluorescence attributes making things appear brighter under sunlight. Sunlight has black light in it and they absorb invisible UV light part of the visible light and re-emit it at visible light. This particular characteristic is the reason they are commonly used for safety signs, safety vests and other applications in which high visibility is important and or necessary. Animals see in UV which gives fisherman an edge as well as birds and bees.

SUPERTAC-365 Requires 2 CR123A batteries or one 18650 battery. Do not forget to get your Black Light UV Batteries here!









Size CR123 Batteries also called CR123A same battery





SUPERTAC-365 Rechargeable Black Light Batteries.








Size 18650 2 x Rechargeable 185650 Batteries and 1 x Charger that fits two batteries at once.






2 x Size 18650 Rechargeable Batteries (no charger)





Industrial Strength Black Light Safety Glasses

  Single Box of 3 Box of 6 Box of 24
Black light protective UVGLASS1 also enhances the visual UV effective! UVGLASS1  UVGLASS1-BOX3  UVGLASS1-BOX6  UVGLASS1-BOX24
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1 Year Warranty!
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