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Black Lights

Welcome to Risk Reactor Inc.’s Extensive Black Light, UV Cure Modules, and UV LED Flash Light selection. We offer quality black lights to suit your needs and price point. Use them to illuminate Risk Reactor’s Black Light Paint, Fluorescent Dyes, Fluorescent Pigments and even Glow in the Dark Paints and Glow in the Dark Pigments. We also have specialty Black Lights for specific purposes and can manufacture a new one to meet your needs. Our off-the-shelf Black Lights include battery operated portable black lights and plug-in fixtures. Use them in leak detection, forensics, law enforcement, coating inspection, fugitive glue, UV Curing, special effects, urine detection, displays, exhibits and more.

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When you are in the market for a black light you want maximum effect from your UV light source. Most black light reactive materials use the long wave 365 NM wavelength. This UV light source has low apparent visible light noise. Giving the reactive surface a greater difference visually then using a higher wavelength. Now with that being said there are some materials that need 395 NM. But generally speaking the 365 NM wavelength ensures the fluorescent object, and not the surrounding surface, is illuminated perfectly. Risk Reactor Inc.’s 365 NM ultraviolet light produces a near pure black light output which is the best frequency for typical UV fluorescent applications. So when in doubt get the 365 NM version.

Our IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue black light stamping inks are open to a wide range of UV including 395 nm. Matter of fact all of our clear blue inks, pants, dyes, and pigments can be used with 395 NM.

There are countless compounds that glow under black light including minerals, plants, fungi and microbes. Other organic and inorganic substances fluoresce as well and when then do it is an amazing effect to say the least. Fluorescent materials can absorb UV radiation which is invisible to the human eye, and then emit it in the visible spectrum. The absorption of this UV energy causes electrons in the compound to jump to a higher energy levels and when they fall back, the emit a photon of light. These electrons cannot stay in the higher level because they are unstable making the return to a lower energy level a continuous operation as long as the black light is on it. Some substances used as pigments in paints or dyes that exhibit fluorescence attributes making things appear brighter under sunlight. Sunlight has black light in it and they absorb invisible UV light part of the visible light and re-emit it at visible light. This particular characteristic is the reason they are commonly used for safety signs, safety vests and other applications in which high visibility is important and or necessary. Animals see in UV which gives fisherman an edge as well as birds and bees.