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Glow by Pound

These Pigments are stable in Water Based or Oil Based mediums. Use as a colorant in any paint, glue, gel, plastic, etc. These pigments are non-toxic and non-radioactive with an almost infinite amount of charging times.

  • You can mix Glow Powder in with acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, epoxy, PVC, polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE etc.) polymers.
  • You can extrude, mold, dip and cast this material.
  • Use less Super Phosphorescent Pigment (including Advanced Series Phosphorescent Pigment) than other ZnS (Short Glow) luminous pigments.
  • Keep the temperature low as possible while extruding.
  • Master Batches of luminous material must be completely dried up before usage.

Fast Glow - Glow in the Dark Pigment. Our PPZNBB-06 Fast Glow pigment is used in making Shadow Wall Exhibits, glow vinyl, plastics, paints, and other applications where you need a glowing color that absorbs light quickly, then emits it quickly. Our Fast Glow Pigment has been used as a Safety Grade Pigment for years. It is non-toxic and non-radioactive. This pigment is used in everything from special effects and safety, to cosmetics and entertainment.