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Clear Coat Base Paints.

We have water based and oil based clears along with completely safe black light body pains. Our Clear Overcoat Paints are used as a clear overcoat for protection. They are also used as mixing medium for our numerous pigments and dyes.

Use Risk Reactor Companion Paints to ensure that your coating does not have any UV inhibitors in it that will hinder your project or idea. You can use the X-Treme White Paints as an undercoat to maximize the luminous effect of Risk Reactor Inc.'s Black Light and Glow in the Dark Paints. You can also use your own whit coat or light color paint. You do not have to use ours. The best white-est surface is the best. Do not worry if you can not do that for your project. It minimizes it a bit but test and see if it works for your application.